Bodyworks is a club with a long history in Dunedin serving the interests of genetic males looking to explore their homoerotic desires. It now operates within a mixed use venue known as "Space4u" which offers a range of private hire and social group options outside Bodyworks times - whatever tribe you identify with Space4u can probably accommodate you so check out the website for more information on that. The primary mission of the Bodyworks club has always been to provide a safe, clean and interesting environment for genetic males seeking sexual contact with other genetic males. Most guys come here for uncomplicated fun but BODYWORKS IS NOT A CRUISE CLUB, it operates within an entertainment space. The people who enjoy the best experience are the ones who arrive with a broader entertainment plan, leave any negative emotional baggage outside, embrace the venue as their "safe place" and behave in a friendly, easy going, good humoured, sociable manner. Come for an afternoon or evening (or both with a free same day return option) and make good use of all the facilities you are paying for. If you are looking for friendship and community I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the social opportunities you'll find within Space4u - for those of you who want a Gay Community space in Dunedin, a lesbian space, or to accommodate any other special interest group make it happen here - Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturday nights  & some other times can be available if requested. 

Support Bodyworks, support Space4u, support community - Strength, security and good emotional health are gained through cooperation and mutual support, not isolation. 

The Bodyworks club is a clothing optional environment Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday & Public Holidays.

Nudity is encouraged at all times & compulsory on Thursday & Saturday afternoons - shed your inhibitions and enjoy a liberating experience! 

Footwear Note: bring your own if desired, soft shoes, flat soles only 


 (they cause floor damage and a noise nuisance to tenants below us)