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HIV home test kits available here
HIV home testing kits

2020 Pandemic Response

The venue is closed for the duration of the national lockdown

More than ever we need to behave as members of a responsible and supportive community.

127 Stuart St Dunedin New Zealand

Hot Spa Pool

Relaxation, Hot Stone Massage
Social & Entertainment Space for Gay/Bi Men

We Are Not a Cruise Club

Allbell Chambers Dunedin

Above: Allbell Chambers, lower Stuart St, street entry just up from Two Chefs,
we are upstairs on level one behind the flower garden in the windows.

Below: Workshop being held here between 6pm & 7pm on Tuesday 13 August 2019

HIV Home Testing
NZAF home testing
spa hire option  



Bodyworks is a club with a long history in Dunedin serving the interests of genetic males looking to explore their homoerotic desires. The venue was renamed Space4u in 2012 with a view to broadening its appeal and social usefulness, Bodyworks has continued to operate as a club within this venue but the arrival of the COVID - 19 pandemic in 2020 is forcing change upon us. The social and relaxation space will have to be limited to private to hire and committed membership

When possible the venue management is keen to support
the community aspirations of many other special interest groups - for those of you who want a Gay Community space in Dunedin, a lesbian space, an arts, or science fiction space it may be possible to accommodate it here - Mondays & some other times can be available if requested.

Support Bodyworks, support Space4u, support community - Strength, security and good emotional health are gained through cooperation and mutual support, not isolation.

Footwear Note: bring your own if desired, soft shoes, flat soles only
STILETTO & OTHER HIGH HEELED SHOES ARE NOT PERMITTED (they cause floor damage and a noise nuisance to tenants below us)

Enlightenment values

Above: poster produced for the 2018 Gallery Crawl exhibition "Life & Art". Social comment art is a feature of this venue - look, read, think and hopefully be inspired.

Advice to customers
Promoting community cooperation
  Business sale proposal  

Above: options for relocation might include a cooperative venture shared between several investors who are more interested in the lifestyle (spa, sauna, gym, community space) than profit. As it does now, the business certainly needs to accommodate more than one population group and should not be restricted to sexual interests.


If the venue is permitted to re-open after the COVID-19 lockdown.....


(Please notify in advance, other times and days may be arranged for private hire if those below don't suit)

Tuesday 8pm - 10pm

Thursday 8pm - 10pm

Saturday 2pm - 5pm & 8pm - 10pm


$25 solo, $12pp for up to 1.5hrs



Most Mondays Midday - 11pm
Tuesday Midday - 7pm
Wednesday Midday - 7pm
Thursday Midday - 2pm
Friday Midday - 7pm
Saturday Midday - 2pm
Sunday Midday to 3pm

To book a private session phone or email

(ideally the day before your desired appointment)

Membership Plan: $30pw

Casual Private hire up to 1.5hrs $25 solo, $12pp for 2 or more

Cash only
after 25 April 2020

Ph 03 477 8228 during hours stated above

Below Promotional poster for proposed gay community social evenings. Space4u offers Dunedin gay men & lesbians this social opportunity but these events can only be staged if sufficient individuals register their interest at reception. Monday nights present the easiest times but another afternoon or evening might be arranged.
These social events can do what the internet cannot: help you to cultivate your real world social skills and develop useful long term friendships and alliances.
A strong community won us the freedoms we enjoy today and we need a strong community to maintain those freedoms.
Gay community promotion
Tawse workshops

Above: Opportunities for group hire.

: Space4u promotional poster. When the footpath sign is on the street the venue is available for art viewing, relaxation sauna use (general public access, non-sexual), professional relaxation massage exchange and
for private hire (appointment usually required for all but the art viewing)

  Becoming the best we can be  
  OK to say no  
Physical & emotional wellbeing & exercise
Gym basics - bikes, pull-up bars & weights, more to come if
people support it so make this venue your gym!

Right: Click for a larger readable explanation of why gym equipment has been added to this facility and the importance of exercise, self acceptance and supportive community connections to gay mens' health.
Wet area
Sling room
TV lounge & pool table above, cinema lounge at right

Below: For the occasions you REALLY just want to use the sauna check out this sauna deal. Enjoy it alone ($25) or make a date of it with a friend if you like ($12 each). Appointment essential.
Sling room
Appointment options
The masseur

Above: Business owner, artist, masseur.

Below: A
variety of products are available for purchase at reception for customer convenience and business income.
Treat yourself or a friend to a drink or a snack during your next visit .

Buy products here
Spa pool rules
  Sexual Health poster