Left: On TalkTV 23 August 2023: “‘I’m Willing To Get SACKED!’- Julia Hartley-Brewer's Promise On Trans Threat To Free Speech” & 

4min: Girl “with 14 mental health conditions” who blames her academic failure on being misgendered  in school is approved for submission to the  cosmetic butchers who   claim the expertise to  enable her to fake her way through the rest of her life as a “man” (with the unspoken condition being  no-one ever seeks physical intimacy with “him”). 

Left: On TalkTV 25 August 2023 “‘Incompetent Cowards Push This’ - Kellie-Jay Keen On Tavistock Approving Controversial Sex Operation”

Above right:  Andy Ngo  talks with Avi Yemeni on Rebel News Australia 8 Nov 2023 about   the useful idiot rainbow collective's deranged support for Hamas. 

Right: 27 April 2023 "Bigger Picture" conference in Killarney, Ireland. Discussing "tensions between homosexuality and gender ideology" as well as thoughts about the wider health consequences of medical "transition", including the loss of sexual function, the need for sexual function, and the importance of loving relationships (which mostly start from a place of sexual attraction and action), especially in late life.

Left: 4 Dec 2023 Triggernometry YouTube conversation with  Australian  app developer Sall Grover who wanted to create a women only social space online, now she’s being forced into an expensive  legal battle to defend common sense and biological reality. Trans activists are demanding  she makes the app available to men who identify as women, and the Australian Human Rights Commission supports the activists. While Israel and the Jewish people fight and die in defence of their homeland the Western world continues to argue about what a woman is….

Sall Grover:-

29min23sec. “Everything is falling apart, everything’s getting distracted because of this, like, the stupidest issue of all time”

45min44sec. “The Lesbian Action Group, which is a Melbourne  based group, they’re  trying to get an exemption to be able to hold a female only lesbian event, like there’s any other kind, and The Australian Human Rights Commission has just said no to them” ….Anti-discrimination law defends discriminating against lesbians in favour of  supporting “heterosexual men who like to wear dresses” (and identify themselves as lesbians). 

46min40sec. “One of the women in Lesbian Action Group, she phrased it so well, she said ….she can  get married now but she can’t go to a lesbian  event to meet  a spouse” 

Right: Dr John Campbell’s YouTube channel July 8 and  August 9   2022 reports on Monkeypox which has arrived in NZ

"Outbreak mainly (96%) been in homosexual and bisexual men....(without history of travel to endemic countries)....Cases, history of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the last year (54.2%), and 10 or more sexual partners in the last 3 months (31.8%).....Monkeypox is being transmitted in interconnected sexual networks that sustain STI transmission”…."some might think moderation [in the number of sex partners] is called for." (July 8)

 “I would ask for all people in this community, gay, bisexual, men who have sex with men, community to also treat it as a public health emergency and moderate their behaviour accordingly” (Aug 9)

More information & images on CDC website .  

Above Left. Kellie-Jay Keen on Youtube 16 Sept  2023 sadly announces she has abandoned her planned return to NZ  this month  citing  safety and family concerns. Understandable but  disappointing for those of us in NZ  eager to support  her mission statement, but ultimately the job does rest with the residents of NZ.  That job is not just about the defence of  free speech, it's about defending sanity, women, children, gay people and Western civilisation against the assault by  extremist communistic and anarchistic  "social justice"  ideologues and their unthinking, foolish  or actually mad  puppets.  On Sept 20 (above right) the Let Women Speak event proceeds peacefully in Auckland (Auckland content starts about 25min in) as it should have been able to do in March.

Right: Gad Saad  in conversation with gay Yemeni Luai Ahmed on YouTube 16 Nov 2023

24min. Anti-Jewish brainwashing in Yemen 

52min. Demography is destiny

56min. Islamist mission statement for conquering the West: breeding, immigration, “and by using your miserable freedoms against you”


13/10/23.  The  Thursday afternoon session  has not received adequate support so has been deleted. No change for Friday  to Sunday hours.  Public Holiday Mondays 2pm to 7pm unless otherwise stated in this news column. 

28/3/23.  Free Speech Union has petitioned the government over  last Saturday’s shameful attack by trans cultists on the Let Women Speak event in Auckland. Sign it if you care about defending free speech, a core principle of a liberal democracy.  A copy of the petition is attached to the bottom of this page.

25/3/23. Shame on NZ today as the “Let Women Speak” event in Auckland was hounded out of their civic space by screaming and generally deranged activists representing  the LGBTQ alphabet cult and its “allies”. Shame on the Auckland police for failing to establish and maintain appropriate space between conflicting groups, shame on our political leaders for defaming Kellie-Jay Keen and “Let Women Speak” by lying about their goals and connections, shame on our Woke captured media for its trans-cult bias and generally  failing to provide accurate & honest reporting. Hobart disgraced itself, Melbourne wasn’t much better, but Auckland has proved itself to be the greatest  national embarrassment for the whole world to see. On the positive side everyone with access to YouTube  gets to see just how insane the Woke ideology is as it infects the outer fringes of  Western civilisation.

But increasingly I wonder what hope is there for a society that through its official political, policing, media, legal  and educational communications  has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice the rights and safety of its women and children in favour of defending the demands of mentally ill feminised males and the brainwashing authoritarian cult that has adopted them as one of its favourite "social justice" causes? 

25/11/23.  As a reward for those people who check this website regularly there will be a $15 entry offer  Saturday Nov 25. Write down the code 6497 and hand in at reception to receive this discount. Use of this special offer will not count towards any other discount options.

Left: 5 Oct 2023: email exchange with a suspected trans activist attempting to gain entry to the Bodyworks club. The last time this happened it was a set-up by the Otago University “Critic”.  “Trans-men” are women, and no amount of government and  medically assisted body  mutilation  they engage in  can change that fact. 

Right: The Otago Daily Times report 2 Sept 2023. 

“The graffiti claimed one of the council’s "rainbow reading" sessions was "child grooming".....(Mayor) Mr Lewers said inclusion, safety and visibility were important values at the council, for both employees and the community.......He assumed those responsible for the graffiti took exception to the inclusivity and tolerance promoted by the council in general and specific services."

The graffiti is correct and whoever is responsible deserves to be congratulated for pointing out something that should be obvious to everyone who has bothered to notice how this game is playing out in other parts of the Western world with "rainbow reading" progressing to "drag queen story hour". The words "inclusivity" and "tolerance" have indeed  been captured by a child grooming cult that seeks to undermine  long  established social norms and encourage pathways to emotional and psychological  confusion from the earliest age. Their goal is a society that embraces all forms of sexual and psychiatric deviance, eccentricity and belief. But there are essential  limits to what a healthy civilisation can tolerate and include, "Pride" has been  testing those limits to breaking point.  The Queenstown Lakes District council has failed to practise due diligence  on checking what the "Pride" movement actually represents  and  any gay people still waving that particular flag need to distance themselves from it in the name of self and social preservation. No to "Pride", yes to honest self acceptance and a sensible measure of self restraint. 

Right: Graham Lineham with Andrew Doyle on UnHerd on YouTube on 18 Oct 2023. 

58min20sec. Andrew: “One of the statistics that struck me the most was in Hannah Barnes’s book about the Tavistock in which she talks about between 80 and 90 % of adolescents who are referred are same sex attracted, which means the overwhelming majority of those who are referred, they’re just gay. They’re just gay kids, like most gay kids are gender non-conforming, or at least a significant proportion”

Graham: “I think we have to look at this as the crisis that came after AIDS, for gay youth. That’s what this is, this is a crisis, a kind of homophobia that escaped and rebranded and is now just creating havoc” 

1hr. Graham: “Generally I think it’s a kind of naturally arising mass delusion …overall I do think that it’s like the Satanic Panic. If the Satanic  Panic had happened after the internet age we might be living in a very different world. But it was contained to just Middle America because we didn’t have the Internet. Now what happens when gender ideology comes along at the same time as the internet”

1hr4min. Pushing the trans bandwagon….Graham: “Pink News are doing it because it gets them lots of clicks, Stonewall are doing it because they’ve run out of causes, Amnesty are doing it ….because of their salaries. So what we’ve created is …a kind of societal framework that’s completely corrupt”

1hr 4min53sec. Graham: “In the old days, you know, the way they changed hearts  and minds is that ….they went on TV shows, they got into debates, they made their point, they made arguments, and now they just repeat ‘trans women are women’ 5 times in a tweet and we’re all supposed to go OK, yeah, now I believe you”

1hr5min35sec. Mass delusions repeating. Graham: “Diane Ehrensaft…she was someone who said that if a baby is trying to take off their babygro, then it’s a sign they’re trans….and she was part of the Satanic Panic. So she went from one mass delusion and ….just adjusted her story and went on to this” 

Lower Right: Hannah Barnes on Triggernometry 23 August 2023:-

55min40sec: data from 2012: “90% of the girls identified as either same sex attracted or bisexual and 80% of the boys…all that was ignored”

56min55sec.  “I don’t think it’s credible to pretend that the overwhelming number of people who might be affected by this are gay, bisexual, or lesbian, and that has always been the case.”

1hr5min55sec. Follow-up records not kept by the clinic..”they never collected that data, only they will know why, because that seems quite important data to have”

Above Left: GB News 14 August 2023. Man who identifies as a  lesbian attempts to force a group of real lesbian women to accept him in their speed dating event and the hosting venue takes his side.  The madness of our times demonstrated again. 

Above: The Otago Daily Times report  from 19 June 2023.

“The decision, released publicly today, said a 14-year-old student in the teacher’s math class was in the process of transitioning from girl to boy, while a “preferred male name” was recorded in the school’s online portal."

It is a biological  impossibility to transition from girl to boy. A 14 year old CHILD's  fantasy  is being officially affirmed by a government body. This is an affirmation that will propel that CHILD into lifelong medicalisation and surgeries to create a fake image of the opposite sex with a view to cultivating an adult wholly comfortable within the self delusion  and hoping the fake image will be convincing enough to deceive  everyone else into believing it's true, including, one must presume, anyone the "transitioner" approaches for a sexual relationship (and anyone who doesn't subscribe to the belief will be hauled before a court, fined, kicked out of employment and when possible  sent to a re-education camp) 

"The teacher also said anyone attempting to move away from their gender at birth needs “help and deliverance” and it was wrong for schools to suggest or teach children that gender is a choice." The child needs to be removed from the school and referred to non-affirming psychiatric investigation with a view to helping HER learn to accept reality. 

The Disciplinary Tribunal: “He is entitled to his views and religious beliefs. What we must do is consider whether he has insight and rehabilitative prospects that we could address.” That is a policy reminiscent of Communist thought reform and medieval religious inquisitions - repent or be damned.

"In a statement today, the Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand said all students are ‘entitled to feel that schools are a safe space, where they are respected and valued’”. Respect should not include affirmation of idiotic beliefs and delusions clearly indicative of a mental health problem.

Teaching Council: “Teachers need to help learners to think critically about issues and understand different views, theories, perspectives and experiences and it is not okay for a teacher to use their authority to undermine the personal identity of their learners, or to inappropriately influence them to take a course of action."

The moment they refer to students as "learners" you know they are playing from the same cult handbook that screwed the American education system. As James Lindsay says "our kids go to Paulo Freire's schools”. Freire, inspired by Marxism,  saw education as a tool for radical activism and social transformation.

Above: Douglas Murray and Julie Bindel on The Spectator’s YouTube channel discussing current issues of relevance to gay men and lesbians  

Above right: Above: Megyn Kelly in conversation with Helen Joyce on YouTube 20 July 2023

Below: Helen Joyce in conversation with Richard Dawkins on YouTube 30 July 2023

Below Left: Brilliant Helen Joyce in conversation with Peter Boghossian on YouTube on the 4 July 2023.

2min45sec. “I’m saying that there are 2 sexes, that humans are mammalian, that those 2 sexes are evolved categories and that in no mammal can somebody change from one of those categories to the other, and that that is sometimes socially consequential” 

3min23sec. “A woman is not a castrated man”

3min35sec. “There is nothing a man can do to turn himself into a woman”

7min20sec.  “I don’t care about trans people in female spaces, I care about male people in female spaces…..I object to trans identified men using female spaces because they’re male. I don’t care how people identify, I’m not religious, I don’t care about other people’s religions, I don’t care about other people’s beliefs, they can believe what they think about themselves as long as they don’t impact on other people”

9min20sec. “The language in this is all intended to confuse people…they don’t want you to know what you’re talking about….and I think that a lot of people are basically Cartesian dualists even if they don’t call themselves that…a lot of people think that pink brains and blue brains are what make you a man or a woman and so I guess if you think that, it’s possible for a woman to be mentally so atypical that you should reclassify her as a man or vice versa”

10min. “there’s an awful lot of ‘be kind’ about it. There’s an awful lot of, sort of, that it’s very mean to say that people are something when they don’t want you to say it”

12min25sec. “It’s a very linguistic movement, it’s a movement  that believes that language is real and reality isn’t….and that language can redefine reality”

13min34sec. You can’t change sex with any amount of surgery…”the  sexes are reproductive strategies in  effect, they’re evolved categories…it goes back literally more than a billion years that there are 2 sexes, and the question of your reproductive strategy, the reproductive strategy of an individual, in mammals, it shapes everything…so everything about your body, everything about your individual self,  is literally hundreds of millions of years of evolution shaping an individual who has one reproductive strategy”

15min30sec. “To turn a man into a woman is something you’d have to do at the cellular level….every cell is male or female in the male or female body of a mammal”

16min35sec. “Very clever people can lie to themselves sometimes more impressively than not very clever people”

“Humans like believing things, and we like believing counterfactual things, they’re more interesting”

17min58sec.  “people can believe remarkably ignorant things because they’re never challenged on it, they’re in an epistemic bubble…we’re also used to believing 6 impossible thinks before breakfast…I think a lot of people have just got very used to believing things that are obviously nonsense but they’re actually true, and so then along comes something that genuinely is nonsense and they’re, like, well you know, I’m told nonsense things all the time ”

20min “there’s all sorts of people who believe very counterfactual things, and I mean, once you’ve exerted significant effort in believing something you don’t want to necessarily row back”

21min20sec “Quite a lot of women who are in sporting organisations have gone for trans-inclusion ….I think it’s because it’s painful for women to recognise that we’re physically weaker…it’s not nice having to say, look, I’ve got to keep men out of here because men are bigger and stronger than me and more violent, it’s more fun to believe that they’re the same”

28min20sec. Peter Boghossian: “the vast majority of the skeptical and atheist movement are now woke and it’s been causing a lot of people who formerly considered themselves new atheists to take a step back and think, oh my gosh, maybe I was wrong, maybe people really do need this because if they don’t have this they go to crazy town, they just believe things even far more out there than someone walking water”

29min45sec. Medical motivations ….Helen: “Doctors are a bit prone to playing God” 

31min. “If there’s one thing we’ve got to do it’s to try to do the really hard thing of lowering the cost of speaking freely. And that’s not easy and it’s something that every generation has to fight again”

33min “we’re evolved creatures and our brains are capable of remarkable feats of logic and intelligence but we didn’t evolve exactly to be logical, we evolved to survive and reproduce and, you know, have kids who survived to reproduce and so  on.  And sometimes it’s good to believe counterfactual things, for example, when your tribe believes counterfactual things you may get cast out if you don’t believe them. And in that tribal setting, like, if you are in a tribe of 100 to 200 people living with no rule of law in the rainforest or something like that, being cast out is death. So it’s much much better to believe what your tribe believes than it is to be the person who says hang on, this isn’t right”

33min40sec. “We’re seeing an evolved capacity which is to believe nonsense when that’s socially desirable nonsense” 

34min20sec. Why are so many “skeptics” embracing the nonsense? Helen Joyce: “Don’t you think that they were never skeptics? They were in it as a movement, as a group, it was their tribe, they were tribal and this was their tribe. And that’s a very upsetting realisation …the groups that I thought I was in …I thought that we were motivated by the same sorts of things and it turned out that no, we were just coincidental briefly”

36min. “If you know why you get out of bed every day it’s very hard to knock you off course. So if you look at all these organisations like the ACLU and the HIC and Stonewall they have not just wandered off course, they have reversed 180 degrees , they’re literally working in the opposite direction. Like the ant-censorship groups are pro-censorship, the gay rights groups are homophobic, the feminist groups are anti-woman ….”

37min55sec. “I cannot bear people talking bullshit, and that’s why I get up every day”

39min33sec.. Referring to work by Jonathan Haidt....“We’re making mental disorder…we’re in an obesogenic environment, like everything just makes us fat, we’re in a mental health crisis creating  environment…it’s like anti-CBT…we are making people who are fragile, we’re encouraging people to think poorly ”


42min45sec. “I don’t believe there’s any actual instance of trans….. it’s a culture bound syndrome”

47min.The push for trans affirmation is effectively gay conversion therapy.

57min. A woman angrily demands acceptance of trans women in sport. The trans movement is not evidence based, it’s a moral thing.

1hr2min30sec. Helen Joyce: “Sadly, we’re experiencing  a mass delusion moment in human society….it’s an American culture bound syndrome, it has spread world-wide in a way that no culture bound syndrome has ever been able to do before because of social media. It’s getting passed from child to child, that was again something that didn’t happen before…we’re seeing the worst mass delusion and spread of a culture bound syndrome that the world has ever seen. It’s on something very fundamental which is the type of species we are, namely mammalian with 2 sexes, it’s extremely harmful to children, to women, to gay people, don’t think it’s great for men either because it’s so anti-reality, and so of course you’ve got to stand up and fight it if you see this. But it’s ridiculous…I’ve never had to counter so many stupid things in my life” 

1hr7min40sec.The people who have transed their children will never back down….”this  is  the worst worst social contagion that we’ve ever experienced , a lot of people have done the worst thing that you could do, which is to harm their children irrevocably because of it. Those people will have to believe that they did the right thing for the rest of their lives for their own sanity and for their own self-respect. So they’ll still be fighting, and each one of those people destroys entire organisations and entire friendship groups…they’ve sold their child a bill of goods that they can’t deliver on…those people are going to be the people who will keep this bloody movement going…..it’s a fight to the death as far as they’re concerned”

Above Right: Wise words from Douglas Murray on Sky New Australia YouTube 21 June 2023:

1min50sec.  Douglas Murray: “A fallacy which is being propagated by gender ideologues and is doing profound damage to gay people among others in our society as well as women…. a poll that just got published in the United States showed that among the general population support for gay marriage has been starting to decline in the last year. Why is that? It’s because the arguments that actually brought about  liberal rights for all minorities in the last few decades have started to get turned on their head and turned against people. What is the source of that? It is the gender ideology movement. What is the trip wire for the general public? It is children. It is people learning that their children are being taught nonsensical things. It is being seen by the wider public, most of whom are heterosexual and don’t need to identify as CIS or anything else, it is being seen from that vantage point as the LGBTQIAplus movement losing control of itself. And so a backlash is starting, and the backlash is coming because people are lying to children and are using children for medical experiments. There’s nothing funny about that, there’s nothing that should cause levity in that, it should be treated by adults seriously.”

Above: Abbreviated version of the conversation between Jordan Peterson in  with Kelly-Jay Keen on YouTube 4 August 2023.  Full version on Spotify & DailyWire. 

Above: “Moving the Needle on Gender Ideology (Billboard Chris, Andy Ngo, Savanah Hernandez, & more)” on Peter Boghossian’s YouTube channel 31 May 2023.

Start: Billboard Chris: “There are 2 sexes, no genders, and infinite personalities” 

40min28sec.  Billboard Chris shares a Trans cult video from Boston Children’s Hospital: Jeremy Carswelll MD claims  that trans identity may be revealed in a child  by  …”actions like refusing to get a hair cut, or standing to urinate, refusing to stand to urinate, trying on sibling’s clothing, playing with the quote opposite gender toys, things like that”

45min17sec. Billboard Chris: “We’re not dealing with a million evil people pushing this, we’re dealing with a million uninformed people pushing this”

50min. Billboard Chris:  “if you look at the most recent study you followed 139 boys from when they were 5 all the way to the 20’s, 87.8 % of them grew out of it, 63.6% grew up to be gay” 

54min You can say that adults can do whatever they want with their own bodies but that doesn’t mean doctors are just order takers, Doctors have sworn an oath to first do no harm and you never go first to the most invasive procedure, they should be screening for trauma and abuse, which is very common, and they should be treating these underlying mental health co-morbidities first, but instead they’re just order takers”

56min31. Children and consent issues in the absence of long term information on the “affirming” medical approach.  Chris: ”How can they give informed consent? It’s impossible. But we’re asking children who still believe in magical thinking that a big red fat man flies across the sky and drops presents under their tree, we expect them to be able to make these decisions about permanent infertility, about not being able to have a family, reducing your dating pool to zero, never having intimacy, never going to be able to have an orgasm. We expect a 10 yr old boy to be able to make a decision that he can never have an orgasm?”  

57min16sec. Chris: “None of the boys who started on puberty blockers at ten or stage two, which is like 10 or 11 years old, none of them, literally zero as adults have ever had an orgasm” 

59min. The Jazz Jennings tale. “He’s never had an orgasm, he’s in his 20’s now. He gained 100 pounds, he’s like 300 pounds , so he’s got that going for him now, ….they affirmed a mental illness, they affirmed delusion and when you affirm a delusion in a 4yr old, which is what he was, well it continues on”

1hr20min53sec. Chris: “they’re messing with our kids”

1hr27min 45sec. Peter Boghossian: “‘You’re on the wrong side of history’, has someone said that to you?” Chris: “Of course….it’s just a ridiculous statement….I know I’m on the right side of history because, as I said before, there’s no right way to be a boy or girl. Our kids are beautiful just as they are. What are we doing sterilising children? We’re sterilising kids and cutting off their body parts and people …say I’’m on the wrong side of history? What, the right side of history is sterilising kids, creating an-orgasmic lifelong pharmaceutical patients where boys have to dilate their neo-vagina for the rest of their life, that’s the right side of history? Not a chance. This is the most insane cult possibly in the history of the world. I’ve gone back in the history of humanity and I’ve thought what have we done to kids that’s more crazy than this? We think we’re this advanced society because we have all this technology. Psychologically we’re the same, we’re like cavemen still. Look at the things we do to people….The same psychological things that have affected entire populations are happening again today. The human mind is very weak psychologically. We’re easily manipulated, we’re easily swayed, we’re prone to cults, we’re prone to group think and mass psychoses, and this is just another one. But our kids are beautiful just the way they are. Now we’re going to take an effeminate boy and say he needs to get his penis cut off? Come on, there’s no argument there”

Peter Boghossian: “Yes, I am incredibly fortunate, I have 2 kids, they’re both gay, and I’m incredibly fortunate that my son was not subjected to this, he just missed the wave”


Above: in “The Australian” online 21 August 2023. 

“The matter regarded the breakdown of a 20-year relationship between a mother and a ­father, who identifies as male but occasionally wears gender non-conforming clothes, including a dress to his middle child’s first day of school..... In 2009 the father was ­diagnosed with anxiety and depression, conditions that “intensified” until he became suicidal in 2018....In 2019 he was diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed medication to treat the symptoms"

"The eldest child, Jamie, 16, who is taking puberty blockers and wishes to undergo a mastectomy once he completes his HSC, will live with both parents in accordance with his wishes."

Even this relatively conservative newspaper is allowing itself to be manipulated by ideologically motivated distortions of language.  Being male is not dependent on a self  pronouncement of preferred "identity". Being male is defined by biology and nothing more - not feelings, beliefs  or performance. And a 16 year old (!!!) girl who has been brainwashed by an obviously  mentally challenged  father and no doubt assisted by gender cult captured educational and online cultural influencers into wanting  a mastectomy is not and never can be  a "he". Playing along with demands of the gender cult activists grants them the confidence to demand ever more extreme accommodations and "kindly" affirming the delusions of children opens the path to their destruction.  

Again the question that perhaps most needs to be answered is why people who want to cut off limbs they believe are alien (body integrity  dysphoria) are referred to psychiatric treatment while  individuals, including children,   who want to mutilate their bodies and  amputate genitals they believe are alien (gender dysphoria) are affirmed and celebrated by governments, schools, medical agencies and "social justice warriors"  endlessly eager to signal their own  "kind", and "inclusive" morality?

Children are being psychologically manipulated and physically wrecked if they submit to the manipulation, women's and gay/lesbian rights are being trampled, evidence based  reality is being denied, and a vast sum of money is being spent to enable mentally ill  people to pretend to be something they can never be. A society that sterilises its children clearly has lost faith in its own value and opted for slow suicide.  

Above:  GB News 23 August 2023.  “Megyn Kelly BLASTS Biden’s trans health secretary over bizarre gender clinic demand | ‘He’s a man!’”

Biden administration’s Man-in-a-Dress, “Rachel” Levine, praises a clinic in Hawaii for referring to  biological women as “egg carriers” rather than women for the sake of “inclusivity”. Megyn Kelly, inspired by her conversation  with Kellie-Jay Keen, is dropping the polite fake pronoun use after realising it is  a gateway to losing rights and spaces for women. 

4min29sec. “Rachel Levine is a man and he will not tell me how to refer to men posing as women trying to get into our spaces or men posing as women trying to pretend that they can have babies. I will decide for myself what that language is and I will stick to actual reality because the more I engage in taking that drug, right, that pronoun drug, the gateway drug, the less powerful my argument is, the less safe my daughter is and I am and my fellow women are, and until we find our strength and our willingness to speak out on this we’re going to keep losing”

12 Nov 2022. Hours of operation will expand for a few months (subject to support) with a resumption of a Thursday afternoon session for the Bodyworks club 2pm to 7pm. Private hire available Thursday evening after 7pm and  most days with reasonable notice.

15 March 2022. The business is receiving enough support to stay open past March 31 and into another financial year. I will continue to monitor the COVID situation and hope for the best, but the hours of operation  will remain limited to the weekend until further notice. 

17 Feb 2022. Hours of operation will change after Feb 17 as I have another short term job starting Feb 18. Bodyworks club operation will be limited to weekends  subject to the state of the COVID panic, with normal weekend hours apart from Friday which will start an hour later at 8pm. Spa pool won’t be available Fridays after Feb 18 (sauna will be available). Spa & sauna available Saturdays & Sundays.

In view of the COVID panic with an Omicron wave expected to last a few  months and the Allbell hotel project still an active plan I anticipate closing the business with the end of this financial year March 31. If so, the last Bodyworks session will be Sunday March 27. However, if anyone has a practical business plan (it will need to cover basic expenses of at least $500pw) for funding continued business operation beyond March, you should discuss it with me soon. My suggestion: if 8 people are willing to pay $40 per week, every week,  for weekend only use, and if they are  content to be mostly with each other  (we’re not likely to see much in the way of casual visitors during the peak period of COVID panic)   I’d be willing to cover the rest of the expenses while I have other employment.

Failing that, most assets here are offered for sale and expressions of interest invited.

24 Jan 2022. We’ll operate for as long as possible during the Omicron panic.  Please be prepared to scan the QR code at reception and show a vaccine pass. If you have any symptoms of a cold or flu please stay away and get checked. Patrons are not required to wear face coverings at indoor pool facilities. If you care enough to support the business through this time but have concerns about mingling with strangers you can still help via  the private hire option and if enough people do that (and buy the artwork on display here) we might still have a viable business after the Omicron wave passes.

4 April 2021. The group meeting to discuss business relocation options will be here on Sunday April 11 at 7pm. Everyone with ideas to share is welcome to attend. 

28 Feb 2021. Another Level 2 restriction has been imposed on us today for a week. Normal business routine here but you will need to scan the official code poster or sign a register. Plenty of hand sanitiser stations in the venue, and make good use of shower facilities. Team up with friends and take advantage of private hire times  for extra personal safety and to help maintain business viability. 

26 Feb 2021. A student asked  me tonight how to exit the building without being noticed, fearful he might be seen by “friends” who would  tease him. Suppressing a world weary sigh my impulsive response born of 40 years experience and observations relating to gay and bisexual men as a  gay male “out” since the early ’80’s was “man-up” …. no 20 year old should have such concerns today, near enough 40 years after law reform in NZ, most people don’t care, anyone who does harbour prejudice against you isn’t worth knowing, and any “friend” who mocks you for your sexual orientation  is no friend.

If my 9 years of owning this business is to have any value it will not come from having provided a “safe, discreet venue” that despite all efforts to promote community values more often just seems to enable  men with specific sexual inclinations to indulge irresistible  fantasies that leave them burdened with guilt or fuel obsessive tendencies. Value for me and the wider society will only be evident if  I have inspired at least a few of my customers over that time to live visibly, honestly  and confidently as gay or bisexual men and to do so with respect for their own health and the health of those they intimately engage with. 

We all need to do some self analysis and the earlier  that happens in your life the better. Learn to  know and accept yourself while recognising   any challenges to your well being that emerge from that self analysis and finding ways to manage those challenges  intelligently. 

Walk with confidence and courage in life, maintain a sense of humour and choose your friends wisely. Most people will respect you if you are seen to  respect yourself.  So long as you  are not harming yourself or anyone else why should anyone care how you live your life? Most people value and  respect strength of character.  No-one  respects people who work to deceive friends and family for selfish motives, and have no doubt those who lurk in the shadows of the internet or parks and public toilets while trying to fake their way through life to conceal a fundamental  emotional/sexual  need will be branded as  selfish cowards.


You don’t need to march in “Pride” parades, you don’t need to wave a rainbow flag or be confrontational in social interactions and you absolutely  must not  be dismissive of “heteronormativity”  as some on the “woke” & “LGBTQ+” bandwagon  are becoming.  Just  live your life honestly, be kind and compassionate, as generous as you can be,  but don’t let anyone use you as a door mat. Stand up for yourself when you need to, be the best person you can be and contribute what you can to making the world a better place for future generations. 

And maybe read something by  Jordan Peterson and certainly Douglas Murray’s “Madness of Crowds”. 

21 Sept 2020. Back to Level 1 restrictions from tomorrow means a resumption of the usual activities here. Enjoy it while it lasts and step up your spending here to help improve business viability so we can survive the next round of Level 2 restrictions.

21 Sept 2020.  The Mixed Entertainment evening planned for Saturday night Sept 26 will proceed from 7pm, no entries after 11pm, plan to finish the evening by midnight. This is not a Bodyworks club event so anyone over 18 may attend: male & female, straight,  gay,  bi, swingers etc looking for social/sexual opportunities, $25 solo entry, $20 pp for a couple.10 Sept 2020. With no end in sight to the Level 2 operating restriction and no further wage subsidies being offered you are reminded that this business is now entirely dependent on your patronage. Those of you who signed up for membership are especially reminded of  your weekly $20 commitment during  this time. Everyone  who wants access to these facilities beyond September needs to demonstrate their support, generosity and cooperative capacity now during this most difficult of times. Your options to be supportive are, as usual, to attend the Bodyworks club during its stated hours of operation, or book a private hire session during those hours of possibility, or book a hot stone massage, or buy one of  Mark’s paintings on exhibition here or at nearby Gallery De Novo. As always, if you do find it quiet during your visit  complimentary relaxation massage is available on request. 

 30 August 2020. After some research I have learn’t the government we unquestionably trust to maintain our national border & quarantine security apparently thinks the sex industry deserves some special leniency during the Level 2 restriction, presumably on the grounds education and the measure of control available in brick and mortar venues is preferable to the complete absence of control measures in the local shrubbery & sand dunes. So with that in mind, and in the absence of further wage subsidies, the Bodyworks club can resume  its normal hours & function supporting the noble cause of male bonding  this week subject to customer patronage   and with some common sense rules in place: please stay at home if you have any flu like symptoms, you will not be permitted entry  with sniffles, sneezing, coughing or any other potential COVID-19 warning light.  Please download the COVID tracing app to your phone  & scan the poster on arrival or provide your name & phone number for the tracing register. The venue will be cleaned for you as required and extra hand sanitiser provided as well as COVID specific advisory signs for your reading pleasure,  but those of you who arrive during the course of  any day’s session will be viewed as a “bubble group” with shared goals as well as an understanding and acceptance of the risks involved with the physical intimacy you feel you need. 

For the handful of people who have supported the more demonstrably sociable  private hire routine please continue to do so, but the hours of opportunity for that are back to normal. Just plan ahead a bit, phone or email a booking  and you can be accommodated.  

26 August 2020. The "mixed entertainment evening" planned for Saturday night August 29 cannot proceed as a random drop-in event under the COVID Level 2 restriction, so at this late stage, since  people aren't approaching me as an organised group,  it will have to be cancelled and we'll pencil in  another attempt on September 26, COVID restrictions permitting. It would be very helpful if those of you who are keen for this sort of event (or any other group activity) could approach me with a group booking and a plan to arrive at the venue at an agreed time  as a "group bubble", that way  it could proceed even under the Level 2 restriction. Some cooperation is needed here and would be greatly appreciated - "you help me and I'll help you".

23 August 2020.  A reminder: The venue continues to be  operational on demand during the Level 2 restriction but your financial contribution is required to cover rent and other expenses here. If you value this business in any of its forms your community spirit and dollars are needed: those of you who signed on for membership please continue to make use of the venue and pay your weekly membership fee. Those of you who have been regular customers who claim to enjoy the sauna and spa pool make an appointment to use those facilities - they are available on demand. The pool is operated every day to maintain heat and is normally ready for use  by 6pm but earlier or later times can be arranged. Enjoy a relaxing hour or two alone, take advantage of a half hour relaxation massage if that appeals, bring a friend if you want more intimate company, bring a group if you want to be extra helpful with the financial contribution. 

12 August 2020. COVID level 2 restrictions have resumed, so private hire only during this period. Solo $25, OR couple $20pp, OR Group $15 pp  for up to 2hrs. You can still use it any way you like but you MUST either scan the COVID tracing poster or sign a COVID tracing register. Spa & sauna available with at least 2hrs notice, email, phone or txt. So plan a date or social gathering and show your support for this venue as we head into another period of financial stress.  Any day from about middy to 11pm can usually be available.

27 July 2020.  Following the good support for the mixed  entertainment evening last Saturday another is scheduled for the Space4u private hire session of Saturday August 29. While this is not a Bodyworks club event it may be of interest to some Bodyworks customers. All men & women welcome. Clothing optional, pool, spa, rooms private & public. No alcohol, no smoking. Next event Saturday August 29. Individuals may attend for $25, couples for $20 pp. If you wish to attend both the club session on Saturday afternoon and this evening event you may do so for an additional $10.

12 July 2020. A mixed couples evening is scheduled for the Space4u private hire session of Saturday July 25. While this is not a Bodyworks club event it may be of interest to some Bodyworks customers. Individuals may attend for $25, couples for $20 pp. If you wish to attend both the club session on Saturday afternoon and this evening event you may do so for an additional $10.

8/6/20. COVID Alert Level 1 commences tomorrow allowing some normality to return for this & most other businesss operations. A big thank you to the 6 regular club users & members who came in to utilise the private hire offer through level 2 and a thank you also to the 6 other people who supported the venue during that time. Bodyworks hours will be reduced in recognition of the need to encourage more of those "other" people with private hire opportunities and to reflect the sessions best supported by club users before the COVID lockdown.

12/5/20. Alert Level 2 starts this Thursday May 14. As expected private hire will be the only option for this period for either one person or one couple per booking. This is not about profitiability, it's about surviving through to Alert Level 1 which hopefully is only a few weeks off. Those of you who value the spa pool and sauna, now is another good time to step forward, make a booking and help cover the venue operating costs.

22/4/20. Thinking ahead: for those whose primary interest here is use of spa and sauna, and for those who want to support a small community venue, we should have limited abilty to re-open when the COVID alert drops to Level 2. At this stage the plan will be to operate the spa pool, sauna, gym etc on demand on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays via private bookings (phone, txt or email in advance) for solo users ($25) and couples ($40) with a 1.5hr time limit. Casual drop-in group sessions are unlikely to be permissible until the alert level drops to 1. To comply with government rules for COVID infection traceability anyone visiting during Alert Level 2 will need to supply contact details. Existing and new memberships will enable 3 visits during a calendar week for $30. 

Note the landline service & eftpos facilities have been disconnected to reduce espenses during this period of difficulty but a cell phone number is now available for text messaging (and voice calls if you need that option). All financial transactions will be through cash or internet banking until further notice.

25/3/20. The venue is now closed for the national COVID-19 lockdown. Hopefully we'll re-open late April in some fashion, most likely for private hire and membership.

22/3/20. Due to COVID -19 pandemic concerns we are now open only for committed members & private hire by appointment until further notice. For those of you who enjoy the spa pool and sauna your continued spport and use of these facilities is needed. Please take note of the hours available for private hire and plan ahead .

29/2/20. The long planned hotel development for Allbell Chambers remains more than 6 months away so business continues as usual. I am proposing to sell the business and/or all its removable assets to one person, or to an alliance of individuals or groups, who can relocate it to another venue. Please phone or email soon if you are interested.

11/1/20. The mixed couples night experiment will be repeated on the last Saturday of the month from 7pm to midnight. All men & women, couples & singles, will be welcome and that includes regular Bodyworks club customers happy to share the evening with women. Single entry price is the usual $25, couples get a 2 for one deal. The next opportunity will be on Jan 25. 

5/11/19. Two of our regular customers are keen to test drive a mixed couples night as a new social opportunity on Saturday Nov 30 from 7pm. All men & women, couples & singles, will be welcome and that includes regular Bodyworks club customers happy to share the evening with women. Single entry price is the usual $25, couples get a 2 for one deal. If well supported we'll do this on the last Saturday of every month. 

4/7/19. NZAF will be hosting an informal HIV 101 workshop here on Tuesday August 13 between 6pm and 7pm. Free access, all men & women welcome, limited to about 15 people, reserve a seat if you don't want to miss out - talk to Mark at reception or phone (evenings) or email the business.

9/6/19. The Tawse group is taking a winter holiday from its workshop program here with plans to resume in Spring. Bodyworks Sunday sessions will continue to start at 3:30pm. The Tawse Manor group is keen for new members so if you are interested in learning about bondage techniques (and other options) in a mixed group of men & women check their information though through FetLife or check the Tawse website http://www.tawsemanor.co.nz or email Steve at info@tawsemanor.co.nz

22/11/18. Thanks to the generosity of 5 regular customers the spa pool has been repaired & is once again available for everyone's use.

8/11/18. SPA POOL REPAIR. A new heating unit has been ordered. Those of you who expressed enthusiasm for assisting with the repair cost please contact me this week. Depending on how many of you finally commit to this the membership cost will be either $200 or $250. For that you'll immediately get 10 or 13 free club entries followed by $15 weekly pass for up to 6 months depending on lease and business conditions. If a few of you need to spread the initial membersip payment over a few weeks that should be possible.

8/10/18. Following a well attended event on 7/10/18 Tawse will continue with their workshop program on Sunday afternoons, usually from 1pm to 3pm. That means Bodyworks club Sunday sessions will start at 3:30pm until further notice.

8/10/18. Confidence in venue lease security has been confirmed so the membership proposal is good to proceed. A minimum of 10 people need to sign up for this if it is to proceed. You have 2 membership options: as an individual within Bodyworks club hours, or as part of some other group during other times. For those customers who have claimed a spa pool is essential to their visit this is your opportunity to help repair it and gain access at a considerably reduced price for 6 months. 

1/10/18. The Thursday and Saturday night experiment has gained no new support so the previous hours will resume this week.

On Sunday Oct 7 Bodyworks will have a later start at 5:30 to allow for a Tawse rope workshop between 3 & 5pm. 

11/9/18. Opportunities for individual or group private hire and massage are being expanded to Thursday & Saturday nights from 7pm starting Saturday Sept 15 for a trial period of at least 3 weeks. Use these times for solo relaxation ($25), massage ($60), a date with a friend ($12 each), a group of friends or a new hook-up (all $12 per person, a time limit of 1.5hrs for individuals or groups of less than 10). Just drop by or phone or email ahead to make an appointment, sauna takes about 30min to heat up. Bodyworks sessions will close at 7pm on Thursday and Saturday nights. The purpose of this exercise is to diversify the business and increase income - Thursday & Saturday nights have been very poorly supported by Bodyworks customers for too long ("use it or lose it"). 

18/8/18. "The Sydney Morning Herald" for August 17 reported ("Pleas for safe sex as multi-drug-resistant bacterial infection spreads") on another antibiotic resistance issue of relevance to gay and bisexual men. "Shigella is a highly contagious bacteria spread throughinfected faecal matter, which means that while anyone can contract it, it tends to be far more easily transmitted through the sexual practices of gay and bisexual men; and use of condoms alone may be ineffective. Nicolas Parkhill, chief executive of LGBTI health organisation ACON, said infection takes place when tiny particles of contaminated faeces enter the mouth." Rimming or allowing contaminated hands/other objects to enter your mouth are the activities to avoid.

19/7/18. Space4u will participate in the annual OUSA Gallery Crawl on Thursday August 9 from 6pm to 10pm so the Bodyworks club routine will stop at 5:30pm on that day. 

7/7/18. "Fears new wonder drug could lead to STI epidemic": "Sydney Morning Herald " online 4/7/18, just two quotes here, "An international 2016 study of men who have sex with men found the chances of contracting chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis were increased 11, 24, and 44-fold respectively in PrEP users" ... "While most STIs are treatable, many place individuals at high risk of complications that can be life-threatening. Diagnosis and treatment of STIs also places a considerable financial burden on the public purse and contributes to an insidious rise in antibiotic resistance" . A full print-out of the report is available for you to read on your next visit to this venue. PrEP is a back-up, not a replacement, for condoms. If we don't take better responsibility for our sexual health the Public Health system will be forced to harden its attitude towards us. 

22/6/18. Winter has arrived early, there's no better place to be in this city than in the sauna when it's icy outside - all are welcome to take advantage of the $12 "by appointment" option for sauna use, make a private date of it if you want and head to a room after your heat-up. Available most Mondays through to 11pm, Tuesday & Wednesday through to 7pm, and other days around lunch time or Bodyworks club closing times. Phone or email - the sauna needs about 30 minutes to heat up. This is your community space, please support it. 

30/4/18. Spa pool repair: Those of you who want the spa pool repaired, or any other improvements, need to demonstrate better support for the venue. The venue is, above all else, a community space and it can only exist with community support. So bring you friends, take advanatge of opportunities within and/or outside the Bodyworks club routine, buy art work .... the more you spend, the more you use the place, the more we can achieve. 

17/3/18. If you are a serious massage enthusiast and want to practise giving as well as receiving relaxation, sensual or other massage styles email or phone or ask at reception. No sexual expectations or pressures, management of sexual impulses can be a part of the process, the goal is total relaxation and improved body awareness through touch. Male only, clothing optional (nudity encouraged), $12 includes towels (to lie on), shower, oil. 1 professional table available (bring your own if you like), 2 floor mats and one trained practitioner to guide. Limit 6 men. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

7/3/18. Fringe Festival starts this week. Two events affect Bodyworks customers: On Sunday March 11 Bodyworks will close at 7pm, Fringe Festival exhibition starts 8pm & closes 10pm. On Friday March 16 Bodyworks will open at 7pm for its normal evening shift. The Fringe Festival exhibition opens at midday and finishes at 6pm on that day. Remember, those of you who appreciate Mark's paintings are welcome & encouraged to attend any of the exhibitions here.

1/3/18. This business is now for sale as I want to move on & focus on other projects, email or phone for viewing appointment and negotiation

24/2/18. Your support is again requested and required as winter approaches and expenses rise. Community spirited people are wanted & needed. We cannot live satisfactorily or defend ourselves as lone wolves, we need to cultivate strong friendships far more than we need to chalk up sexual conquests. Note the social opportunities Space4u offers you beyond the sex club routine and take advantage of them.

20/8/17. If you are a serious massage enthusiast and want to practise giving as well as receiving relaxation, hot stone or safe sensual (not sex) massage email or phone us or ask at reception the next time you visit. Sunday afternoon is the easiest opportunity during the relaxation spa session between midday and 3pm. $15 includes a Bodyworks club OR Relaxation Spa entry within one week.

1/8/17. The annual City Gallery Crawl organised by OUSA for Art Week is happening on Thursday August 17 - Space4u will participate from 6pm to 10pm with the theme “Inspiration, Idealism & Compromise”. This means the Bodyworks session starting at 2pm will finish at 5:30pm on Thursday Aug 17.

9/7/17. A sexual health reminder: media reports over the past week have warned us of the spread of drug resistant Gonorrhoea: we must use condoms for both anal and oral sex and we must get tested for all sexually transmitted infections regularly (every 6 months is strongly recommended).

24/6/17. Winter is here, power bills are rising, your support is needed. If you are working nearby, if you are visiting Dunedin and wandering around the inner city on a cold day, Space4u offers you a chance to warm up, relax, and support a gay owned business for just $12 during the OPEN ART STUDIO & GALLERY times (see poster above - Tuesday afternoon is often also available). Come alone or bring a friend, or, better still, a group of friends. An appointment is required, at least 30min notice for the sauna, at least 1.5hrs notice for the spa pool. Bring your own DVD entertainment if you want. These are strictly non-sexual times, open to the general public, including women, so bring swimwear. However, YOU CAN ARRANGE PRIVATE USE of the facility during these times: $25 for one person for 1hr, or $12 for 2 or more people for 1hr (further discounts negotiable for groups).

28/5/17. A recent phone enquiry provokes me to highlight this point: BODYWORKS IS NOT A CRUISE CLUB, it operates within an entertainment space. The people who enjoy the best experience are the ones who arrive with a broader entertainment plan, leave any negative emotional baggage outside, embrace the venue as their "safe place" and behave in a friendly, easy going, good humoured, sociable manner: Come for an afternoon or evening (or both with a free same day return option) and make good use of all the facilities you are paying for.

9/5/17. With the likelihood of more infections becoming resistant to antibiotics we need to take better care of ourselves and that will require modifications to our sexual behaviour. What do you really want from physical intimacy with another human being? Men too often impose porn inspired sexual performance pressures and hazards on each other when many of us just want affection and the simple pleasure of full body contact. If warm human intimacy is what you want consider registering for this SENSUAL NUDE MASSAGE GROUP OPPORTUNITY. A Monday night can be made available for 4 to 8 men, $12 each for up to 3 hrs - great for friends & couples, but if you are single & don't mind teaming up with a stranger that's OK too. The objective is SAFE sensual pleasure (no fucking or oral sex), relaxing and/or arousing but NOT a full-on sexual performance (hand assisted "happy ending" OK if desired). 3 mats and 1 table will be available in the cinema lounge, relaxation environment (ambient music, aroma therapy), with the emphasis on very safe sensuality - enhance your sense of touch & appreciation for the gift of affection, learn from others, demonstrate your best hands on body technique to others, learn or improve self restraint while giving and receiving a thoroughly pleasurable sensual massage. Register your interest at reception or phone or email space4udunedin@icloud.com

21/4/17. ATTENTION CROSS DRESSING ENTHUSIASTS: stiletto & other high heeled shoes will no longer be permitted as footwear during Bodyworks club sessions due to the floor damage they are causing. PLEASE WEAR FLAT SHOES OR NOTHING. 

14/4/17. Support Amnesty International's petition: https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/chechnya-stop-abducting-and-killing-gay-men/

Chechnya: Stop Abducting and Killing Gay Men

13/4/17 NZAF is staging a community forum at the Toast Bar, 59 Princes St Dunedin on Friday April 13 from 6pm to discuss the PrEP medication option in eliminating HIV. I am personally disappointed NZAF has chosen to ignore the Bodyworks club as an option for hosting this event. Bodyworks is the only official community space for gay men (and those who want to connect with us) in Dunedin and has served that role for decades. The supply of condoms from NZAF is important and appreciated, but we need more substantial support here to encourage healthier values within the same sex oriented men of this city. Delivering free condoms, poster campaigns and medications to us may be little better than using a garden hose to battle a house fire. The underlying problem that accelerated the spread of HIV and will do the same for other STI's is our state of mind. Those with a mission to improve and safeguard public health need to research, initiate and support activities that help to improve every individual's state of mind. We need to value our own lives and the lives of other people if we are to successfully engage in safer sexual behaviour. We need to feel part of a supportive community if we are to discourage the kind of selfish lone wolf behaviour that serves to spread disease and leads to self destructive behaviour. This cannot be achieved online, it has to happen in community spaces - and offering a comfortable community space to a wide range of minority groups has been the goal of Space4u for 6 years. I need existing customers, others in Dunedin and public health agencies to better support and contribute to the possibilities within this venue.

Meantime please do support the forum at Toast Bar on April 13 and learn what relevance PrEP may have for you.

4 /4/17. Diversity Week at Otago University. Good luck to them with that, social opportunities have been offered here with zero success, but we have to keep trying to encourage community aspirations and supportive friendships, to counter the ongoing descent into secretive web based sexual predation and sexual obsession. At this point in time, 30 years after law reform, sexual minorities may be their own worst source of oppression - young gay men I see are just as damaged as the older ones who have failed to explore, accept and sensibly manage their own desires & above all, to embrace honesty and visibility. Fearful of asserting their individuality, too many still seek to conform to a false image that measures up to the expectations of homophobic relatives and poorly chosen friends, resulting in a lifetime of self loathing, deceit, frustration, damaging behaviour and the dehumanisation of people they fleetingly use to satisfy the sexual urges they cannot resist. Instead of being a colour that enriches the whole of our lives sexuality is compartmentalised into a "dirty" hidden mental room, where guilt and fear of discovery may lead to the worst possible outcomes for the individual, his family & friends, or at least mean a life less than half lived. The Radical Faerie movement, though not ideal for my humanist taste, remains the most virtuous attempt to steer gay men away from this all too common path of slow self destruction towards the ideal of a supportive community that encourages long term caring friendships & cooperation together with good physical and emotional health. Check out the Radical Fairies NZ at http://www.radfanz.org.nz and see the Australian version at http://ozfaeries.com.

30/1/17. Another attempt to provide space for a Dunedin gay "community" social event has been ignored. If anyone wants to support this kind of opportunity in the future I remain eager to accommodate it but you'll need to approach me as a group of at least 5 and be wiling to commit with the entry fee in advance. I think it worth observing that people who would love to re-criminalise homosexuality have no trouble attracting money and passionate crowds to their hateful rants in fundamentalist churches and mosques while those of us who offer social opportunities to this population group far above and beyond the usual historic gay standard of booze fuelled fleeting, anonymous, guilty encounters in the shadows can't inspire a single attendance or even a Facebook share of the event notice. Selfishness, apathy and fear of visibility can be our downfall if we can't evolve past these weaknesses and learn the value of cooperation, long term caring friendships & strong alliances. Good luck to the Auckland Pride Festival (event promotional guides received here today) - I see no cause for such Pride in Dunedin.

19/1/17. Following a strong expression of interest from a new customer a Dunedin Gay Community Relaxation Spa evening will be supported on Monday Jan 30 from 7pm to 10pm. Note the terms on the poster on this page and in the venue and make the effort to attend if you can. Some free snack foods available, you are welcome to bring other food to share if you like.

12/12/16. A few of the regular customers will be sharing a pre-Christmas lunch on Thursday Dec 15 between 2 & 3pm during the regular nude session. Others are welcome to sample the free food they are bringing.

29/11/16. Only 1 person supported the Dunedin Gay Community social event last night in this city of over 120,000. What does this say about the state of our "community", the way we view each other (as disposable sex tools to be quickly forgotten or as potential friends, long term lovers and allies?) and what do we want, if anything, from a social event of this nature? 

27/10/16. A Dunedin Gay Community spa evening will be held on Monday Nov 28 from 7pm to 10pm, both men and women who identify with this community are welcome to attend. $12 entry, swimwear required if you want to use the spa & sauna. Some free snack foods provided. A movie or documentary of interest to this community will be screened - suggestions or contributions are welcome at least 1 week before the evening.

27/10/16. The massage group sessions have not been supported so no further opportunities will be offered.

12/10/16. The Space4u relaxation spa and gym now operates for the general public (both men & women) on Wednesday (5 - 6:30pm), Thursday (Midday - 1:30pm) and Saturday (Midday - 1:30pm) immediately prior to Bodyworks club sessions. If you really just want a spa/sauna or perhaps a gym workout in an unpressured environment you are strongly encouraged to make use of these times - entry from $10 (+ $2 towel charge if needed), strictly non-sexual, swimwear required. A yoga space will be added soon. More gym equipment may be added later this year if there is customer support. Get fit, stay fit, healthy body, healthy mind.

4/9/16. A drop in MASSAGE GROUP SESSION will be initiated this month for anyone who likes to give and receive real massage. Two fortnightly options will be available: Friday from Midday to 3pm starting September 16, and Saturday from 10am to Midday starting September 24. The cinema lounge will be laid out with 2 floor mats and a massage table, or you can use one of two private rooms if you prefer. Negotiate your preferred style, relaxation, sensual or other - but please respect the intention of these sessions is to encourage appreciation for real massage and provide those people with professional skills or ambitions with opportunities to gain experience both as practitioners and clients. You can be sure at least one person will be available to work with you, or bring your own partner. Standard $25 club entry fee applies which allows you to also attend that day's Bodyworks club session if you want. No student discount or frequent visitor rewards may be claimed on these sessions, but your attendance will count towards a frequent visitor reward if you have registered for that opportunity.

22/8/16. Bodyworks will be be taking a short break in September, starting 6pm on Saturday Sept 10 and resuming normal hours on Wednesday Sept 14. 

21/8/16. "Out & Proud" reward - a reward for honesty and openness acknowledging visibility is one of the most important means for a minority group to protect its hard won but vulnerable freedom. If you are "out" as a gay man on your PUBLICLY VISIBLE Facebook profile (showing your real name & face photo) you will be entitled to one $10 Bodyworks club entry per calendar month (use of this special offer will not count towards any other discount option). Tell the manager when you arrive - your discount will apply once your Facebook profile is verified. 

17/7/16. The annual City Gallery Crawl will include Space4u on Thursday August 18 after 5:30pm so the Bodyworks club will close at 5:00 & re-open at 8:30pm. 

15/6/16. Winter is the most expensive time to operate this facility. If you value this business in Dunedin, this is a good time to come in and demonstrate your support and enjoy some warmth on a cold day. THIS IS NOT JUST A SEX CLUB, it is a COMMUNITY SPACE and small business owned and operated by a long time openly gay man. Help me, help yourself, give substance to the term "gay community" by connecting with people, forging friendships and learning the skills of cooperation that we will need to protect our legal and human rights in the years to come. The current tendency to retreat from real world social contact to online cruising will make it a lot easier for those who object to our existence to crush the reforms of the last 40 years. Strength comes through cooperation, visibility, friendship and effort. DON'T ALLOW POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS FORCES OR YOUR OWN TIMIDITY, SELFISHNESS OR INDIFFERENCE TO FORCE HOMOSEXUALITY BACK INTO THE CLOSET. 

When you visit the club check the noticeboards, read the posters there and on this website, take advantages of the opportunities being presented by REGISTERING YOUR INTEREST and/or booking a time:

- Frequent visitor rewards

- Relaxation Massage service

- Monthly gay community social afternoon/evening

- Lunchtime relaxation spa - when you really just want a sauna/spa without the sexual pressures

- Private dates & group hire options. 

And don't forget you can buy food, lubricants, and other products when you visit the club, including art prints & original paintings. You can also commission artwork. 

9/5/16. If you've met someone online and want a safe neutral space to get together, Space4u can help you: if you don't want the company of Bodyworks customers you can use the venue during the hour before or after a club session: $25 will get 2 or you a private room for an hour plus access to showers, but you must organise this by phone during Bodyworks club hours. If you want full facilities for a private date (spa, sauna, shower, porn lounge and private room) $50 will get two of you an hour, again immediately before or after Bodyworks club hours - phone to arrange it during club hours.

For those of you who want to support & be a part of a real gay community in Dunedin register your interest at reception. A $12 spa session can be arranged for Saturday or Sunday afternoon between Midday & 1:30pm, or on a Monday evening, if there is sufficient interest. If you want to meet new people & learn to better know the ones you've already met in an environment free of sex club pressures this is your chance: USE IT OR LOSE IT. 

13/11/15. The new casual $25 entry fee is now in place (students still $16). Two discount options (not available for students) are available to reward frequent customers and you are invited to sign up for ONE of these options. Firstly, if you regularly visit more than once a week (defined as starting Monday and ending Sunday) you can pay in advance for 2 or more visits (please do so only if you are absolutely certain - no refunds) to receive $20 entries or register your intention at reception for the entry records, pay $25 for your first visit, $15 for your second and $20 for any additional visits during that week. Option 2 is for people who come about once a week: if you visit 4 times within 6 weeks your 4th visit will be just $5 (the first 3 visits will be $25 each) - be aware that if you don't register your intention for one of these options it will be assumed you are happy to pay $25 every time you visit, and the business manager humbly thanks you for your generosity. 

Also, as a reward for those people who check this website regularly there will be the occasional $15 entry offer. Use of this special offer will not count towards any other discount options. 

8/9/15. ENTRY PRICE INCREASE. To help cover planned upgrade expenses (steam room and carpet replacement) the full fee casual entry will increase to $25. Anyone planning to visit more than once during a week should take advantage of the "multi-buy" discount system that will also be introduced on Nov 3: pay for 2 or more days and you'll get $20 entries. So $40 will get you two same week entries during the stated hours of operation. However, be aware there can be no refund for an unused pre-paid entry if you simply forget about it or change your mind. Alternatively, register your interest for the entry records, pay $25 for your first visit, $15 for your second and $20 for any additional visits.

Student entry will remain $16 with ID. The frequent user reward scheme for Dunedin residents will remain.

Coffee drinkers please note the existing limited free service will be replaced with a $2 charge as I introduce a superior range of options from Sept 15.

13/5/15. A new official massage room adjoining the club will soon (hopefully early June) be available for use by customers during Bodyworks club hours ($10 table & linen hire charge). It will also be available to genuine massage practitioners & their clients by appointment at other times with a room charge of $25 per hour including professional massage table, some linen & access to showers (for access to other facilities a club entry charge will apply). When not required for massage the room will be available to Bodyworks customers.

13/5/15. OUT AND PROUD or getting there? Do you want more than the chance for a fleeting, guilty, anonymous root up the rear? Here is your chance to discover friendship, perhaps more, and become part of a supportive gay community. Starting Monday July 6 the DUNEDIN GAY COMMUNITY night will INCLUDE access to spa and sauna facilities and there will be a $12 entry charge. MEMBERSHIP to the Dunedin Gay Social Club will be required - sign up at the front desk and you will need to confirm your intention to attend by phone or email at least 2hrs before opening. This will be a strictly social night for GAY MEN - all single guys and couples who consider themselves to be part of the gay male population are encouraged to attend. If enough people support this initiative it may become a weekly event for Sunday evenings. No porn or access to sex on site rooms, just music and movies by request - and the chance to make new or reinforce existing friendships. Hours of operation will be 7pm - 10pm on the FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH (INCLUDING public holidays). Members WHO ATTEND THE MONTHLY SOCIAL EVENING will also be entitled to one discount entry ($16 full fee, or $12 student) to the Bodyworks club during the following month.

If any LESBIANS who read this want their own social night in this venue please contact Mark - a similar night can be arranged for you. 

9/5/15. HIV isn't our only health threat. Dunedin is no stranger to any sexually transmitted infection. Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and others are easily acquired through oral activities and they are increasing in the sexually active population, so whatever you are doing, whoever you are doing it with, wherever you are doing it, minimize the risk by using a condom. Be smart for yourself and everyone you play with: get a free and confidential health check, ideally every 6 months, at the Sexual Health Clinic in Dunedin Hospital, Ground Floor, Frederick St entrance, open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, phone 470 9780 for an appointment.

12/3/15. Due to a lack of support the next and last FREE Dunedin Gay Community night will be Monday May 4 at 7pm. Free entry 6:40-7:00pm, no late admissions. If you are new to the Dunedin scene this is a good chance to check the venue out for free, watch a movie of relevance to the gay community, enjoy music and meet locals in a social environment, no porn or sexual activity.

9/1/15.NEW HOURS for FRIDAY & SUNDAY starting JANUARY 16. These two days will start at 3pm to allow for a new massage & spa service operating between midday & 2pm (see ad on this page).

The entry fee will rise to $22 from 1 January 2015. This will be necessary to fund essential renovations such as a steam room upgrade and floor covering replacement. It will be appreciated if you bring the exact fee. The student entry price will remain at $16. Other charges, conditions and rewards will not change.

You are also reminded that any extra purchases (eg food and Wet Stuff) you make during your visit will assist the renovation project.

30/7/14. Bodyworks will be closed between 5 & 8pm on Thursday July 31 allowing Space4u to participate in the annual City Gallery Crawl. Everyone is welcome to attend that event.

9/7/14. A frequent customer rewards program is now in effect for regular customers. If you visit 3 times in any week you will be entitled to a forth visit in the same week for free. You will need to register your interest with the manager.

27/3/14. REGIONAL DAYS. Every week Friday will be dedicated to an Otago region. First Friday of the month: South Otago, second Friday of the month: Central Otago, third Friday of the month: Queenstown & Wanaka Lakes district, last Friday of the month: North Otago. If you are visiting us from one of these regions this might be a good opportunity to connect with like minded guys closer to your home. Identifying arm bands can be supplied to anyone who is interested.

25/3/14. All TV's now connected to an HDMI network for sharper images and blu-ray movies.

17/12/13. A big (178cm) TV is now the focus of a "cinematic lounge", a pool table and new TV have been added to the sun lounge, new vinyl has been laid in one of the rooms, wet area steps have been improved, a few more changes will occur over the next two weeks.

13/11/13. A big (178cm) TV will be coming soon (early Dec) to the main porn lounge resulting in some layout changes. Wet area improvements are also being organised, hopefully before New Year.

26/10/13. "Uniforms on Fridays" will start on Nov 1. Not compulsory, but if you are into it, have fun with it.

22/9/13. The "Porn cruise" session on Wednesday afternoon has not been supported so will be canceled.

3/9/13. Membership proposal: For those who want to come here more than once a week, and subject to at least 100 people signing up (supplying email or phone contact details). A weekly payment of $25 and commitment renewable monthly would entitle you to at least 5 visits every week within Bodyworks club hours. The casual $20 entry option would remain for those not interested in membership.

12/9/13. Space4u will host an art exhibition open to the general public between 5:30 & 7:00pm on THURSDAY SEPT 19. This is part of the annual "White Night" "gallery crawl" through Dunedin galleries and studios. Bodyworks club will therefore close at 5pm and re-open at 7:15pm on this day.

30/8/13. A "porn cruise" session will be tested on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm starting Sept 4. Entry will be $12, with towels and shower access offered as an optional extra for $5. Spa, steam and sauna facilities will not be available but porn and rooms will be. The usual free same day re-entry will not be available to participants in this session and will be charged at $5.

20/8/13. Unfortunately the social and massage exchange opportunities have not been supported so it's just going to be business as usual Tuesday to Sunday.

The "Space4u" signage was installed last week and people are here reminded that the venue is available for hire for up to 10 people outside the Bodyworks club times for $60/hr. 

2/7/13. A name change will take effect from August 1. The venue will become "Space 4 U" and "Bodyworks" will become the "Bodyworks Gay/Bi Manspace" operating within "Space 4 U". Its current hours of operation will remain unchanged until further notice. The objective is business diversification to improve income (and Mark's sense of social purpose). The venue will be available for hire to small groups between midday & 1:30pm at a rate of $60 per hour. Relaxation & hot stone massage will also be promoted for these times through "health and beauty" advertising.

A gay men's friendship group will be initiated on the first Monday of the month starting August 5 from 8-10pm. Sex club facilities (the "dark zone") will not be available during this time. The emphasis will be on relaxation and conversation to encourage friendship and hopefully improve the sense of community within Dunedin's gay male population. Entry charge will be $12 covering use of spa, gym & sauna facilities. Individuals are encouraged to contribute their favourite music or movies on DVD.

More gym equipment has been acquired recently. People are encouraged to make good use of it. Improving your fitness is a great way to boost self esteem and physical health. 

12/6/13. A Relaxation Massage group will commence on Sunday June 30 and operate between 1 & 2pm, so if you are interested in giving AND receiving REAL massage please arrive between 12:45 & 12:50.

14/4/13. CHANGES TO HOURS OF OPERATION from April 19. 

Friday & Saturday: 2pm-Midnight

Sunday: 2pm-10pm.

As always, closing times may be later if customer numbers justify it.

8/1/13."SPACE-4-U" will offer 2 group evening opportunities once a month on Mondays (except Public Holidays) starting 14 Jan 2013 subject to bookings: "Golden Years of Hollywood Club" (Jan 14) and the "Star Trek Club" (Jan 28). These are not casual "drop in" events and will only operate if sufficient numbers book in advance. The "Golden Years of Hollywood Club" will screen classic movies mainly from the 1940's and 1950's, The "Star Trek Club" will screen Star Trek TV episodes and movies. Customer contributions welcome (discount entry available). Hours will be 7:30 to 10:30pm, with spa & sauna facilities available. Special Gay Community Entry price $16. Some free snack foods will be available. No sex club facilities. Gay men AND lesbians welcome, so bring a bathing suit.

18/12/12. "SPACE-4-U" : This is an opportunity for people who want to be a part of a gay community in Dunedin to develop new friendships and other relationships. Monday evenings will be available to any gay, lesbian or gay friendly group of 6 or more willing to book the evening - at least 1 week's notice required. Enjoy the spa and sauna, watch movies and music videos, talk to people, share interests.

A MASSAGE GROUP opportunity is being offered:-

- Do you like to give AND receive massage?
- Can you commit to a day and time a week ahead?
- Options: Tuesday or Wednesday from 5pm; Midday on Saturday or Sunday. Up to 2 hours.
- Minimum number of people: 4
- Two tables available, or bring your own, or use floor mats.
- Use a private room or share a space with the rest of the group.
- Bring a partner or team up with someone new.
- Cost: $20 includes option to stay on for the regular Bodyworks afternoon/evening session.
- Register your interest at Bodyworks reception.

RELAXATION MASSAGE. Mark will be offering relaxation and hot stone massage around midday from Thursday to Sunday, as well as Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons. So if you are keen on REAL massage please make a booking (24hrs notice appreciated). $60 for 75min includes access to spa/sauna either before/after the massage or at another time during the week (Tuesday-Sunday) of your massage. Please note this is not being offered as a sexual service (no oral action, no masturbation, no anal probing).

ART. Some of Mark's art is being offered for sale. Price includes a commission to help with the club upgrade.

FACEBOOK. Bodyworks has a space on Facebook - check it out at www.facebook.com/bodyworksnz

FOOD. A good range of snack foods, hot & cold, as well as soft drinks, are available for purchase at the bar/office. We have potato chips, Moro & Mint Bubbly bars, Mentos mints & Whittaker's dark chocolates. 

Above:  Peak Prosperity YouTube conversation with Mattias Desmet on the subject of  the “Mass Formation” (aka Mass psychosis) we are currently witnessing. 

Left: James Lindsay’s “New Discourses” YouTube channel provides an in-depth analysis of the civilisational threat emerging from Postmodernism and the Critical Social Justice movement, aka “Woke”.

Above: Highly recommended books, especially those by Helen Joyce and Douglas Murray.  Their insights, clarity of writing  and disturbing revelations should be a wake-up call to us all.   We must not remain passive observers  while ideologically driven foolhardy,  malicious or plain mad   activists undermine the gains of the true Rights movements of the 20th Century.  If the Woke activists striving to force their values through the portals of  the Trans, BLM, Extinction Rebellion and similar  movements   are not effectively challenged they will wreck the foundational institutions of the Western World inviting either an extreme Right backlash from within or an authoritarian takeover from the outside.   

Above:  Michael Shermer’s 6 July 2022 conversation with Helen Joyce on the Trans issue. In a comment about Matt Walsh’s documentary Helen Joyce observes: “there’s a  strong connection between being very gender non-conforming in early youth and growing up to be gay…every homophobe knows that, you know if you’ve got some little boy who wants to wear his sister’s tutu and play with her barbie dolls there’s a much stronger chance that boy is going to grow up gay than a boy who isn’t doing that. Not set in stone, but it’s a stronger chance. Matt Walsh wants that boy buzz cut and out there shooting…the gender ideologues want his dick chopped  off and turned into a girl. I want him to grow up to be a happy gay man who marries whoever the fuck he likes” 

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Above:  Jordan Peterson’s 30 June 2022 conversation with Dave Rubin about his decision to parent 2 children with his male partner.

Dave Rubin defends his decision: “If you weren’t to allow gay people to either get married and enter relationships that will last the test of time or have children to really last the generations then what are we reducing these people to?….what other way is there to integrate into society?”

I would urge gay people to think very carefully, very deeply,  about their motivations, abilities and limitations before pursuing this kind of goal. Above all consider the best interests of the child you think you need to bring into the world. 

In my opinion  parenting  should be left to loving, married heterosexual couples. Dave Rubin and others who have embarked on this kind of gay family project are running a risky and arguably selfish  experiment in the personal quest for life meaning. Given the decision in this case has been made one has to  hope they do a good job, but they have intentionally embarked on a social experiment. 

There are other ways for gay people to find life fulfilment that don’t risk the well being of other people. Working  on being  exceptional people doing the jobs and projects  straight couples with children may struggle to find time for is a prime example.

Below: New Culture Forum’s interview with James Esses who was expelled from a UK university for questioning the validity of trans cult ideology and its impact on gender non-conforming children. Published 7 August 2022. 10min25sec : “we are regressing back to old stereotypes which I thought we were trying to move away from as a “Liberal” society, but yeah, I come across materials which tell young boys that if they like flowers they could be a girl trapped in the wrong body”

Above: A clip from John Anderson’s 10 Jan 2020 conversation with the brilliant Douglas Murray. 

Below: 2 of Benjamin Boyce’s many  conversations on gender ideology and its destructive consequences. Helen Joyce and Stephanie Davies, Sinead and Helena

Above: James Lindsay explores the madness of gender ideology and Critical Race Theory in many New Discourses podcasts, including Groomer Schools , Queer Theory and and series of Critical Race Theory public lectures

Left: A sample of Jordan Peterson’s many Instagram posts added to the  poster collection  on the venue walls. 

Above. Triggernometry conversation with Matt Walsh. 

9min15sec. “Trans activists are  vicious on a level  that other kinds of activists rarely reach…Trans activists can be even more vicious to women who stand up to them”

12min50sec.  “Gender dysphoria …it’s a mental illness and if we were still a sane society we would treat that with therapy, counselling, it’s what you do for mentally ill people, you treat their minds to the best of your ability. This astronomical rise, though, in transgender identification, that’s obviously not just mental illness, it’s not something people are born with, there’s something happening in the culture, clearly ”

17min24sec “they chop the breasts off of 13 and 14 year old girls, even younger sometimes” 

23min10sec. “Truth matters for its own sake…a civilisation that fundamentally denies the most basic truth, the most basic realities of human existence cannot survive” 

23min45sec:  “Children are being mutilated and sterilised on a mass scale”

25min “the data tells us that no matter how affirmed they are, get the surgeries, get all that, suicide rate is still high. In fact they’re more suicidal after surgery than before”

Below. Matt Walsh getting serious about fighting the trans cult: 5min20sec. ”Whether gender affirming hysterectomies are being performed on girls when they’re 17 and a half or 6 months later the horror and atrocity is that they’re being performed at all. And while the trans cult tries to confuse the conversation by quibbling over the exact age in which these various brands of butchery are inflicted on young people the incontrovertible fact remains that girls as young as 13 are having their breasts chopped off and both boys and girls as young as 16 if not younger are undergoing irreversible forms of genital mutilation. And even before any of that prepubescent children are being castrated and sterilised and this is happening in every state and in hundreds of hospitals and other establishments across the entire country” 

 10min45sec: “I’m in the very early stages of trying to organise a national coordinated effort to fight back against this evil. It is to our shame that there aren’t rallies and vigils outside of every hospital, every clinic, where kids are being butchered and sterilised. It is an indictment on our entire culture and everyone in it that there has not been mass marches on Washington with hundreds of thousands of people speaking out against this. There should be a full scale assault encompassing activism, lawsuits, political action. We should be pressing every pressure point all at once “

Above: TalkTV on YouTube: Julia Hartley Brewer fumes after lesbians removed from Pride over trans row. Aug 29, 2022

"LGB Alliance's Bev Jackson criticised the police for removing the protestors from the event......"Who trained police to throw lesbians out of a Pride march rather than people aggressively targeting them?""

The barking mad gender cult gets police support in the UK to deny lesbians the right to participate in "Pride". Lesbians and gay men with any sense should know by now the wisest course of action is to distance themselves from all "Pride" activities. "Pride" has long moved away from anything like a celebration of gay identity to embrace an ideology that threatens gay identity, women's rights and the well being of gender non-conforming children. Gender ideology is an  anti-gay,  misogynistic movement serving to resurrect  obsolete masculine and feminine behavioural stereotyping, deconstruct sexual and social norms including family structures and age of consent. We really should not want to have anything to do with "Pride".  

Above. Benjamin Boyce on YouTube 8 Sept 2022. More revelations on the  gender ideology infection in the USA. Truly bizarre that this  lunatic cult's delusional interpretation of reality  could be embraced so rapidly and  with authoritarian zeal  by an education system, government agencies and corporate entities. Thousands of medicalised and mutilated train wrecks will be the result guaranteeing the surgical, pharmaceutical and psychiatric professions work and income for decades to come.

Below: Benjamin Boyce conversation with Angus Fox 25 Sept 2022, Angus Fox has been involved in helping families navigate life with gender distressed boys. He worked on the Genspect project (a resource portal for families impacted by gender identity troubles), and has since retired due to life complications.” 

1hr26min. Gays will  get the blame for the excesses of the LGBTQ cult. Angus Fox: “we need to deal with this now….to be honest I think in America it’s too late for gay people because one of the things that sort of got me interested in this is …we’re going to be blamed, because LGBT is everywhere….and people will just go OK, yeah, you’re the people, you’re the reason, you’re the reason my niece doesn’t have breasts anymore. And I kind of felt like there’s not much time to stop that ,and I now genuinely wonder, is it too late, I don’t know, but I think there’s going to be a backlash led by politicians… and they will say LGBT, they won’t say gender, they won’t say queer, they won’t say grooming, they won’t pick up on the nuance, they’ll just go for that term in America…..It’s difficult to see a way around this without a huge backlash now”

Above: Benjamin Boyce conversation with Corinna Cohn and Denise Caignon 19 Oct 2022. 

22min35sec.Cautious support for the activism of “Gays against groomers”  Benjamin: “If things need to get kind of down and dirty and shouty and loudy it should be from that community who’s being eugenically diminished by gender ideology”

23min. Denise:  “especially with early onset gender dysphoria there’s a lot of pre-gay children who fit that”

23min35sec. Corina:  “there are  two sides to this ….there is the stop sterilising gay kids side  and then there is the lets continue to sterilise gay kids side, and we know which side has the moral high ground right now, that is the side that is in favour of sterilising gay kids of course” 

43min. Benjamin: “you don’t harm kids …this is like the line where civilisation starts or stops” 

45min40sec. Corinna: You cannot become happy with your transition if your goal is to change sex. If your goal is otherwise, if your goal is something other than changing sex, you can be happy. If your goal is that you want to have big bouncy breasts and dress up in skimpy clothing and take photos of yourself and put them online you can probably be happy doing that. But if your goal is to become a full fledged, equal, valid, seamless member of the opposite sex you’ll never be happy because it’s impossible” 

51min25sec. No getting away from reality. Corinna: with best of cosmetic outcomes “ this individual will still run into circumstances where his sex is going to be an important dynamic in many relationships because he is a very womanly looking man….there’s only an aesthetic that looks female but there’s no function to it …form without function”

1hr11min Benjamin: “just wondering if this was preceded by us forgetting what sex is for..for not having a telos at all for sex, sex is purely hedonic pleasure, it has nothing to do with pair bonding, it has nothing to do with creating children….if you strip sex down to that it makes sense that you could just replace it, you can replace all the parts and you get your hedonic pleasure somewhere else or you synthesise the hedonic pleasure, because there’s no purpose to being a man, there’s no purpose to being a woman. And then the question would be what is  the meaning of life? For a large part of society to not have that, to not have child bearing, child rearing…how long can a society stabilise without the concepts of pair bonding and creating a family?…One wonders if we got to this place because we put those things as sacred and now we’re losing our stability because we’ve lost the plot on that” 

1hr13sec. Denise “when I first discovered the sterilisation angle, which was pretty early on …and the top gender clinicians admit it….I thought OK that’s it, we’re done, you don’t sterilise children, you just don’t sterilise children, it’s a human rights violation, let’s get this out to the pubic and everybody will scream and say you can’t do this anymore. But what I’ve noticed is people, that’s not how they respond”……The sterilisation issue is “just shoved off…like it’s of no importance…To act like it’s no big deal to destroy the possibility of having children, in children?!”

1hr29min Benjamin. “Gender therapy just kind of sprung up…the institution’s have lost their ethics…can an institution function without a religion and what kind of religion is functioning within our institutions? I don’t think an institution can function without a religion, which means just  a codification of moral belief, and the institution is itself selecting for and reinforcing people who adhere to these forms of belief. So the institution will manipulate data and will manipulate standards of care in order to affect its morality. The morality is leading the church and it always has been leading, so somehow the morality changed to allow this to happen” 

Exulansic examines gender cult nonsense on social media using wit and sarcasm., including the “Church of  Nonbinaries”  one and two above. Removed from YouTube, find her at https://odysee.com/@Exulansic:d

Below: Exulansic observes the similarity between gender dysphoria  with Body Integrity Identity Disorder  in Church of the Nonbinaries 

Below: Valuable contributions to social commentary by Andrew Doyle 

Above: Helen Joyce on the iealondon YouTube channel 15 Nov 2022. 

19min .  Helen Joyce: “It’s the most straightforward form of gay conversion therapy, it’s a conversion therapy on the body. You turn a….. perfectly normal healthy gay person into a ……. sterile  pretend straight person of the opposite sex” 

26min15sec. Helen Joyce:  Queer Theory …”.all boundaries are seen as bad things, definitions are there to be blurred, binaries are there to be overturned, hierarchies are dissolved” 

29min. Helen Joyce: Postmodernist obsession with language and criticism  has come to act “like a slow acid on our culture”

37min30sec. . Interviewer: This is “fundamentally a movement that is based on faith, on people revealing some sort of inner truth that can’t be empirically verified”

“42min40sec. Helen Joyce:  “All of this is policed through work more than anything else. It’s HR departments, it’s the ‘put your pronouns in your email signature’….there have been people who’ve been fired over this sort of stuff so you stay quiet, and before you know it we’re back to a morality police” 

Above: Mat Walsh, 23 Nov 2022: Why The Left Is So Desperate To Expose Children To Drag Queens| Ep. 1067

11min30sec. Chris Rufo and Fox News headline from 29 Oct 2022:“Drag Queen Story Hour’s radical origins and the subversive sexualization of our kids”:  “Enterprising queer theorists used the commercialisation of drag and the goodwill associated with the gay and lesbian rights movement as a means of transforming drag performances into “family-friendly” events that could transmit a simplifies version of queer theory to children” 

“The key figure in this transition was a “genderqueer” college professor and drag queen named Harris Kornstein - stage name LilMiss Hot Mess - who hosted some of the original readings in public libraries and sits on the board of Drag Queen Story Hour, the nonprofit organisation founded by Michelle Tea in 2015 to promote children’s drag performances.

Kornstein also co-wrote the manifesto for the movement, “Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood”, with Harper Keenan. They propose “drag pedagogy”, as a new teaching method designed to stimulate the “queer imagination”, teaching kids “how to live queerly””

Though Drag Queen Story Hour events are often billed as “family-friendly”, Kornstein and Keenan explain that this is a form of code: “Here, DQSH is “family friendly”  in the sense of “family” as an old-school queer code to identify and connect with other queers on the street.” That is, the goal is not to reinforce the biological family but to facilitate the child’s transition into the ideological family”

14min45sec. Matt responding to the drag promoters complaining about the aggression being directed at them for their efforts to indoctrinate children. “If it’s causing this much chaos and violence why do you insist on continuing to do it? If according to you it’s like putting peoples’ lives at risk, if the effort to have men cross-dress in front of children is putting peoples’ lives at risk, why are you still doing it? Is it that important to you?”

“Drag is inherently sexual and ideological, it is burlesque, and it is not appropriate to bring your child to a burlesque show”

“This is part of your childhood indoctrination campaign and you must indoctrinate them young you realise, because the older they get the more they will see you for what you are, and your agenda for what it is”

25min55sec. The case against “Pride”.  “The kind of pride that we’re warned about in scripture is a kind of haughty, vain, self centred, egotistical, ‘I am the entire of the universe’ kind of pride. Which is exactly the sort of pride that the Pride parade is designed to communicate, convey  and celebrate”

55min “Queering” physics & the universe from a blue haired “black, Mexican, queer, neuro-divergent, woman” who claims to be a particle physicist.

Matt points out what should be the obvious fallacy of drawing conclusions about the macro-world from activity in the sub-atomic realm: “sub-atomic particles can do lots of things that entire human beings cannot do”

Genevieve Gluck: Why I’m exposing the trans cult | The Brendan O’Neill Show

29min Brendan O’Neill: Why is mainstream society so accepting of these identities?…”this rush to recognise that you can easily become a woman very easily simply by declaring it”  A combination of the education system, Queer Theory, and financial incentives and pornography. Genevieve Gluck:  “At the end of all of that all of those roads lead to power”. 

33 min. Efforts being made by trans activists to force lesbians to accept males who identify as lesbians in their social environment

Brendan O’Niell: “it’s not cool to be same-sex attracted, it’s all about gender rather than sex, so lesbians and young male homosexuals probably feel a bit like dinosaurs in relation to the new  queer gender identities” 

“We’ve ended up in a situation, bizarrely, in the 21st century, where  young gay people are essentially being medically corrected so that they become something better and different….so it’s not only a misogynistic influence that comes from this new ideology but there’s a homophobic one as well”

40min40s. Genevieve Gluck: Virginia Prince and the heterosexual cross-dressing  “Tri-Ess society…society for the second self….target housewives in order to kind of condition them to accept their husband’s behaviour in this role …..he had specifically looked towards the LGB movement for influence and he had specifically even talked about taking their strategies and taking some of their connections and their terminology and lobbying for their own movement. And so we see that piggy-backing that’s happening with the T, the Q, whatever, piggybacking on the wins and gains  of the LGBT movement in a quite destructive fashion. It’s ruining some of the gains  and goodwill that have been done, obviously it’s hurting children who would grow up to be homosexual themselves” 

44min35sec. The grooming of children for transitioning. “Why would you encourage dissociation among children, why would you celebrate disliking your body, why would you prop that up to children as something aspirational in this way that, you know, disliking your body to an extreme degree is something that is heroic or even desirable for you as a child, which is essentially what they seem to be doing within the education system…there’s all this glitter and rainbows surrounding it in ways that are attractive to children, but what we’re actually taking about ultimately goes down the road of genital mutilation”  

Outstanding  9 Jan 2023 Triggernometry conversation with Helen Joyce

Above: Benjamin Boyce  30  Dec  2022 interview  with Teiresias. A young gay man intellectually and emotionally weakened and isolated by  self image and self acceptance  issues  is coerced by online propaganda and a medical system corrupted by gender cult ideology and greed to submit to experimental medications & surgical mutilation.  

Below: Kellie-Jay Keen’s conversation with Brendan O’Neill uploaded to her channel 8 Jan 2023.

Above: “Quilllette” report by Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Kay : "As author Allan Stratton noted last year, the central ideological fixation of many transgender-rights activists is the negation of biological sex as a meaningful marker of human identity."

LGB Alliance: "We reject the forced teaming with all these identities & proclivities that have nothing to do with us. They give the public a completely false image of the LGB rights movement & are undermining our rights."

Above: Matt Walsh responds to criticism over his comments on a trans influencer:-

52min. Matt Walsh: “make no mistake, Dylan Mulvaney is our enemy. He is an open, visible, active and passionate advocate for the abuse of children, the war on fundamental truth, and the destruction of human society as we know it. You wish to defeat this man in a manner that will not make him feel bad about himself but I’m here to tell you that you are delusional….we got into this position in our culture precisely by valuing politeness over truth….we got here by refusing to speak the plain truth and by allowing the anti-truth brigade to emotionally blackmail us into silence. They use their own mental fragility as a cudgel to beat us into submission….and we let them get away with it, or you do anyway, I won’t” 

“Convincing the other side is not my primary objective….I’m not looking to reach an understanding with these people. I’m not interested in compromise and dialogue. For those who castrate children and attack the very concept of Truth and erode the foundations of human civilisation, my goal is to defeat and humiliate and demoralise them….I want to destroy everything they stand for. The other side is not interested in compromise. They want nothing less than your unconditional surrender. We have to meet them with that same energy or we will lose or continue losing”

“Preaching to the choir is a good thing, we need to do more of it. Because if the choir is demoralised and scared and cowering in silence then you damn well better preach to them. What kind of congregation can you hope to have when even the choir is too afraid to sing? And our choir, those who agree with us, the many millions of them, have been cowed into submission.”

Abover: Kathleen Stock in conversation with Coleman Hughes 19 Feb 2023.

Above:  Kellie-Jay Keen begins her Let Women Speak tour of Australia and NZ.  One of the women draws our attention to the  website Acon Exposed which looks into the activities of  the AIDS Council of NSW which, like Stonewall in the UK, has jumped on the Trans cult bandwagon 


“ACON (AIDS Council of NSW) was established in 1985 to respond to the HIV / AIDS epidemic and took on the responsibility of representing the interests of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) Community. The work they did and their success in advocating for the LGB Community during this time played a pivotal role in de-stigmatising the health epidemic and those impacted by it. They championed the social response to the AIDS crisis. Some of ACON’s programs continue with this important work.

Since then, ACON has shifted its focus, linking its representation of the LGB community with advocacy for “transgender”, and “gender diverse” people. This linkage is now questioned and rejected by many in the LGB community.”

Above: The Free Press “Think For Yourself “ channel YouTube and the podcast “The Witch Trials J.K.Rowling” which it is promoting. 

Above: One of the more impassioned speeches from the Melbourne Let Women Speak event on March 18.

Below: Kelly-Jay Keen on March 20  comments on attempts by trans and woke cultists to  block her entry into NZ through their  manipulations of lazy (or captured)  journalists and politicians.

Above: one of the excellent speeches given at the Canberra “Let Women Speak” event:-

1hr22min30sec. “When I was younger, I would probably have been over there. I would have been one of the people yelling and shouting.  I was such a weird kid, I was a misfit. My first crush was on my female best friend, and I just felt like I was completely alone. I used to have a fantasy that everyone else in the world would disappear and it would just be the two of us left, and that was the only way that I could imagine actually being in a relationship with a woman. I felt so weird, I had no friends. There wasn’t any internet back then but if there was I know that I would have stumbled across this ideology, I would have found an ideology that gave me an answer for why I felt so weird, so alone. I would have felt a sense of togetherness and I would have just grabbed onto it as hard as I could. Because that was not there I grew up and I worked out how to heal myself. I worked out 2 things about how to heal myself.  I worked out how to feel my body from the inside rather than wondering, worrying, about how it looked and what other people thought about me. And then I worked out how to have relationships of integrity with other people. And the thing that is the tragedy is that  people of responsibility, people in authority, are so fucking cowardly that they are not able to leave a clear path for these kids to work out those lessons. How can you have relationships of integrity with other people if you’re expecting them to see you as something that you are not? How can you work out how to love your body exactly the way it is and love yourself exactly the way it is if you are being sold that you need drugs and surgery just to be OK? It’s so sad. And I do not feel angry at these kids that are yelling at us, I know that I could have easily been there.  The people that I feel angry about are the people in positions of authority. They should be courageous. Where are the journalists? What are the doctors doing that are not even doing basic research on these harmful drugs that they’re giving to children? What about the surgeons that are cutting off breasts of confused teenage girls, I could have been one of them. Where are the politicians who are too cowardly, they all know what a woman is but they are too afraid to say so. The shame is with them, it is not with these silly kids that are yelling at us. It is with the people who should be in a position to say stop, and they are cowardly.” 

Above: the “Let Women Speak” event in Auckland on 25/3/23 had to be abandoned as deranged activists surrounded the women’s group.

As a gay man I’m disgusted to see the genuine social justice  movement I once supported (in the 1970’s & '80's) hijacked by a gender cult that rages against  women attempting to speak in defence of the rights and safety of women and children. As a NZ resident I’m angered  by the failure of police to establish and maintain a wide space between the opposing groups, and appalled by the defamatory lies of our politicians and media. The “Critical Social Justice” ideology behind the gender cult with its influence in media, education, healthcare and government may be the greatest threat to our current way of life. Full support to Kellie-Jay Keen, “Let Women Speak” and all others who put their safety  on the line in this battle against a truly dystopian movement. 

Above: 28/3/23.  Free Speech Union has petitioned the government over  last Saturday’s shameful attack by trans cultists on the Let Women Speak event in Auckland. Sign it if you care about defending free speech, a core principle of a liberal democracy. 

"Dear Minister,

At the ‘Let Women Speak’ rally on Saturday in Auckland’s Albert Park, Police claimed regarding women’s right activist, Posie Parker, that "she is in a public space. If she feels unsafe she needs to leave." Regardless of our views on Parker’s claim, this is an abject failure of the Police to do their job; defending the basic liberties of those in New Zealand, including free speech.

The counter-protest on Saturday used the ‘Thug’s Veto’ to silence opponents, not through debate or reason, but through manifest intimidation.

Without the right to peacefully gather and express beliefs and opinions, controversial or condemnable though some may consider them to be, free speech is no longer protected in New Zealand. Free speech guarantees the right to both express perspectives and views, and also to hear others perspectives and views.

The Police have failed in their duty to protect these foundational rights.

If you take free speech off the table, as it seems Police allowed to happen on Saturday, the contested opinions and beliefs don’t simply go away. However, the ability to express them peacefully is undone. This leaves only far more extreme forms of expression on the table. We are concerned for the tenor of public debate, and the potential for this to produce violence.

We believe in tolerance. Without free speech, eventually we will all lose.

We call on you, and the Police Commissioner, to acknowledge the lack of action to defend the basic speech rights of those who turned up to the ‘Let Women Speak’ rally, and reassert that those who express unpopular or controversial views in public are entirely in their right, and deserve to be protected from threats, intimidation, and violence."


Above & below.  “Quillette” comment piece on the activist led mob assault an Kellie-Jay Keen and other women in the “Let Women Speak” event in Auckland on 25 March 2023.  “Auckland Pride” and an alphabet cult activist embarrass themselves on Twitter  with false and foolish comments

Above: Comment piece in “The Australian”  newspaper 28 March 2023.

Below: Kellie-Jay Keen on The Platform 

30 March 2023. 

Above: Otago Daily Times report on The Cult’s  latest action in Dunedin.

"The protesters held up glasses of tomato juice in solidarity with activist Eli Rubashkyn, who has been charged with assault for dousing controversial British speaker Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, with tomato juice at her Auckland rally."

So they are defending and celebrating someone who committed a violent assault on a woman. That's what the "Pride" flag now means - not just the right to scream and shout at people  to silence opinions you don't like, but also the right to physically harm and perhaps kill  people you think hold the "wrong" opinions. 

"four Dunedin city councillors — deputy mayor Sophie Barker, Jim O’Malley, Marie Laufiso and Steve Walker — were among those who turned up....Otago regional councillor Elliot Weir also attended."  

Everyone  who values freedom of speech and sanity in our society take note: that's 5 people we need removed from council next election.

"The protesters announced the launch of a crowd-funding project to support healthcare for the trans community."

Exactly what is the nature of that "healthcare" for the "trans community"? It needs to be serious mental health treatment aimed at  enabling gender dysphoric individuals to accept the bodies they were born in, but I suspect they are actually on board with "WPATH" and demanding unquestioning  affirmation of the delusion backed up by lifelong government  funded support for experimental  body altering drugs and surgeries. 

Above and below: Sex Matters and their petition on Twitter, 31 March 2023

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Above. Outstanding writer and communicator Helen Joyce commenting via Twitter on the Auckland incident and drawing our attention to the Sex Matters petition. 31 March 2023

Below: Twitter post. the NZ trans cult propagandist Shaneel Lal  is celebrated by Woke captured and virtue signalling  Kiwi Bank.  31 March 2023

Above: The Platform shares Andrew Doyle’s excellent GB News evaluation of the Auckland trans cult’s assault on women  and the  NZ media’s generally biased, dishonest  and defamatory  coverage of the event and everything related to Kellie-Jay Keen.

Above: Benjamin Boyce in conversation with Sasha Ayad and K.C.Millar on 24 April 2023. 

Benjamin Boyce :-

57min57sec. “The limiting factor for identitarianism ….like how identity kind of takes over all of our diagnoses,  and the limiting factor is reality…..if reality can be escaped from then identity will reign.” 

59min25sec. People are being too soft on delusional claims and demands …..“it shows the underlying pressure in a lot of this gender debate of the missing man ….a good man, the food father, the good patriarch, the protector, the provider and the discipliner is missing in a lot of these instances or he is corrupt from the beginning, you see that over, over and over again.  And part of the man’s duty is to say you got to get your chin up kid, you got to go out there and you got to work, I’m not going to indulge you. Like somebody who says I’m not going to indulge your delusions, he’s gone. He’s the one that’s been castrated before all these other young men have castrated themselves……the kid needs to go out there and meet reality and then their identity issues go away......their quest for authenticity disappears because they don’t have any options, they have to do, they have to be, they have to engage, get out of their freaking head” 

 Above: From Genspect’s Bigger Picture Conference 6 May 2023. Victims of the trans cult, these young people stand together with courage to face an ongoing struggle with their health and place in society. They were misled,  manipulated and mutilated as children and teenagers by a medical system in league with education and legal systems, social media "influencers" and in some cases their own parents, usually in the name of being "kind" and "inclusive". We are witnessing the results of  systematic child abuse on a scale not seen in first world countries since the time of Charles Dickens. 

Below: Colin Wright debunking gender cult myths at the  ICONS conference in Las Vegas in June 2022

Partners For Ethical Care on YouTube 19 May 2023. 

13min. Brandon Showalter: “It is documented in the Journal of Clinical Medicine , for example, that at a single gender surgery centre in Boston from 2017 through 2020 that 65 girls under the age of 18 had their breasts amputated. In the Journal of Sexual Medicine  a surgeon admitted to doing a vaginoplasty on a 15 year old boy. More broadly speaking, according to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, in 2020, even as medical facilities were being locked down during the pandemic, medically unnecessary gender surgeries continued to rise.  The group recorded   8548 gender mastectomies completed in 2020 and many of these women were very likely dealing with one or more mental health diagnoses, it was a 15% increase from 2019.” 

Any desire for a “gender affirming” mastectomy is a signal flare to an underlying  mental health issue. 

Above: the 2021 LGB Alliance Conference in the UK. Essential viewing on YouTube.

Left: Triggernometry’s conversation with Kathleen Stock  following the aggressive harassment she endured by deranged Trans-activists  for speaking truth, facts and common sense.

Above: LGB Alliance reacts to the appalling abuse directed at  Kellie-Jay Keen and other  women at the Let Women Speak event in Auckland on 25 March 2023.

Above: One of many new posters added to the gallery walls 24 July 2021. The LGB Alliance is fighting back against  the excesses of  gender identity  ideology which threaten not only dedicated spaces for women, lesbians and gay men but more importantly the well being of children who don’t conform to gender stereotypes. Children who would mostly grow up to be gay, lesbian or just gender non-conforming straight are at risk of being medicalised with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and eventually surgery.  Full support to those who fight this insanity, this madness of our times. 

Above:  A Benjamin Boyce conversation on YouTube with Angus Fox and Claire Graham  inspired one poster. Reports in the Otago Daily Times inspired the other 4 for the venue noticeboard.

Support free speech, reason & truth. 

Reject the lies, cancel culture, compelled speech and  racist, delusional socially divisive thinking emerging from  the Critical Social Justice or “Woke” movement. 

Andrew Sullivan has made valuable contributions to the Brendan O’Neill Show in Spiked on YouTube  and with his article “The Betrayl Of Our Gay Inheritance” in the Weekly Dish