Check out  Free Speech Union: “The New Zealand Free Speech Union is a registered trade union with a mission to fight for, protect, and expand New Zealanders’ rights for freedom of speech, of conscience, and of intellectual inquiry.We envision a flourishing New Zealand civil society that values and protects vigorous debate, dissenting ideas, and freedom of speech as cultural cornerstones.”

Above: This business supports those who stand against the cult of gender ideology and anti-West Islamism.

Below: Check out Colin Wright’s “Reality’s Last Stand” 

Check out the Genspect research above.  Trayce Hansen observes:-

“Over the last few decades, a modified form of gay-conversion therapy has emerged under the progressive sounding label: gender-affirming care (GAC). "

“Safeguarding children begins with shielding them from the reality-denying tenets of gender-identity ideology. "

LGB & women’s rights and well being are  endangered by the expansion of  socially damaging Gender Identity and Queer Theory ideologies from Academia into other institutions, corporations and government.  LGB Alliance is attempting to stand against the cult of gender ideology. Space4u and Bodyworks club supports that effort. Check out the LGB  YouTube page and videos

Above. We need to stand visibly against the war on reality and the mutilation of gender non-conforming children being perpetrated by the gender cult and its flag bearing  trans activists. Gays Against Groomers is taking one route to that goal (find them on Instagram & at Matt Walsh is taking a different path - you may not share his religious views  but he has a lot of good sense and  a big enough fan base  to make a difference.  James Lindsay is another important fighter in this battle through his lecture series and deep dive New Discourses podcasts examining the history of the Woke  ideology and exposing its crazy making effects within academia and beyond. Kellie-Jay Keen is another strong voice against the gender ideology cult worth watching on YouTube.

Bodyworks is a club with a long history in Dunedin specialising in a  mission to serve the interests of genetic males looking to explore their homoerotic desires. It now operates within a mixed use art space , spa, sauna and  social venue  known as "Space4u" which exhibits fine art, social, political and  philosophical commentary. The venue facilities are available for  private hire to individuals, couples  and groups  outside Bodyworks times (check the Private Spa/Sauna times above) - check out the website for more information on that.  

The Bodyworks club aims to provide a safe, clean and interesting environment for gay and bisexual men.  Most guys come here for uncomplicated fun but BODYWORKS IS NOT A CRUISE CLUB, it operates within an entertainment space. The people who enjoy the best experience are the ones who arrive with a broader entertainment plan, leave any negative emotional baggage outside, embrace the venue as their "safe place" and behave in a friendly, easy going, good humoured, sociable manner. Come for an afternoon or evening (or both with a free same day return option on Thursdays) and make good use of all the facilities you are paying for. If you are looking for friendship and community I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the social opportunities you'll find within Space4u - for those of you who want a Gay Community space in Dunedin, a lesbian space, or to accommodate some other special interest group you can probably make it happen here - Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturday nights  & some other times can be available if requested. 

Support Bodyworks, support Space4u, support community.  Strength, security and good emotional health are gained through cooperation and mutual support, not isolation. 

The Bodyworks club is a clothing optional environment Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday & Public Holidays.

Nudity is welcome  at all times & strongly encouraged  on Thursday & Saturday afternoons - shed your inhibitions and enjoy a liberating experience! 

Footwear Note: bring your own if desired, soft shoes, flat soles only 


 (they cause floor damage and a noise nuisance to tenants below us) 

With an attitude of honesty and good humour,  an awareness of  sensible limitations,  an understanding  of good hygiene, together with consideration for the needs and feelings of other people, you can have fun in moderation that builds friendships and maintains  good physical and mental health for everyone involved.

Above: Original Science Fiction art available for purchase at Space4u. Landscape, architectural and botanical subjects are available nearby at 

Gallery de Novo in Stuart St Dunedin

Sites  and conversations of relevance to the gay population on YouTube: LGB Alliance above and Brendan O’Neill’s conversation with actor James Dreyfus below.

Above: Kellie-Jay Keen’s visit to San Francisco.

1hr Sierra (AKA Exulansic) "Drag queens are sex clowns....there's no reason to have sex clowns for children, unless you are trying to groom them, and that is exactly what they are trying to do"

1h14min Kellie J Keen: “Trans women are men, women don't have penises, there is no such thing as non-binary, it's simply personality......There is no such thing as changing sex or being born in the wrong body , if you promote that to children you are an abuser” 

1hr52min. Ali Snyder: "using pronouns is really submitting to the demands of a dangerous ideology, it is no respectful act.  We must remember it is never kind to lie to children and mentally ill, or affirm that their bodies are wrong and need altering."

"we must hold the line on our language. Our children's futures, our freedom, and indeed our very understanding of reality itself begins and ends with our language"

Above: Check latest information on monkeypox on the NZ Ministry of Health websiteInformation currently available shows that in the current outbreak people at high risk of infection include persons who had multiple or anonymous sexual partners and gay, bisexual or other men who have sex with men (MSM).”

To Minimise risk of infection:-

Reduce sexual contacts

Don’t do it in the dark - see what you touch

Avoid kissing

Use condoms for oral and anal sex