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Below: Space4u Promotional poster. You can make an appointment to use the Open Studio/Gallery times for private use and relaxation massage
Phone or visit when the footpath sign is on the footpath. Note: spa pool not available until further notice.

Groups wanted

Above: Space4u Promotional poster. Outside of Bodyworks club hours
other group opportunities are possible.

Community promotion

Above: In house poster promoting community cooperation.

Below: New poster for the noticeboard added 7/3/18 with advice to Bodyworks customers.

Advice to customers

Below: You can take advantage of free in-house relaxation massage during Bodyworks club hours if the opportunity arises.

Fringe2018 poster

Below: In house poster for noticeboard. Business sale promotion started 1 March 2018.

Community promotion

Below: For those who don't understand why gym equipment has been added to this venue click on the image below for a larger readable version.

Physical & emotional wellbeing & exercise

Below: Always check the noticeboards and table-top placements for health advice, other news & opportunities when visiting this venue.
Noticeboard additions 30 April 2018 - Otago Daily Times report on Grindr crime and Ministry of Health warning on syphilis.
Coffee table addition 4 July 2018 featuring a "Sydney Morning Herald" report reminding us PrEP doesn't protect you from anything other than HIV
& is best used as a back-up, not a replacement, for condoms.

Noticeboard display
Coffee table news
Rubin Report

Above: A poster within the 2018 Gallery Crawl exhibition "Life & Art" on Thursday August 9. For anyone getting weary of Politically Correct excesses and
aggressive attempts to stifle the free expression of ideas The Rubin Report on YouTube is inspirational viewing.

Becoming the best we can be

Above: 8 Sept 2018. A new inpsirational poster for the walls. Sexual minorities probably harbour the most emotionally troubled individuals.
Too many of us are heading towards self destruction. The solution is within us, but don't be reluctant to seek help if you need to.

Ppointment hrs Mondays Appointment hrs Tues & Wednesday Appointments Thur & Sat
Most Mondays
Tuesday & Wednesday
Thursday & Saturday
Appointments Friday & Sunday

Above: Outside Bodyworks club hours you can hire the venue for a private date, a group event or a massage.
Next time you contemplate hooking up with a stranger at his home consider the safer option - arrange to meet him here, just $12 each for up to 1.5hrs.

And for massage practitioners looking for a massage exchange - just $12 with Mark.

Most Mondays Midday-11pm, Tuesday & Wednesday Midday-7pm, Thursday & Saturday Midday-2pm & 7pm-11pm, Friday & Sunday Midday-3pm.

Below: Following on from a conversation with a few customers on 23/9/18 here is an opportunity for those who want the spa pool repaired.

membership proposal
News & Upcoming Events

8/11/18. SPA POOL REPAIR. A new heating unit has been ordered. Those of you who expressed enthusiasm for assisting with the repair cost please contact me this week. Depending on how many of you finally commit to this the membership cost will be either $200 or $250. For that you'll immediately get 10 or 13 free club entries followed by $15 weekly pass for up to 6 months depending on lease and business conditions. If a few of you need to spread the initial membersip payment over a few weeks that should be possible.

8/10/18. Following a well attended event on 7/10/18 Tawse will continue with their workshop program on Sunday afternoons, usually from 1pm to 3pm. That means Bodyworks club Sunday sessions will start at 3:30pm until further notice.

8/10/18. Confidence in venue lease security has been confirmed so the membership proposal is good to proceed. A minimum of 10 people need to sign up for this if it is to proceed. You have 2 membership options: as an individual within Bodyworks club hours, or as part of some other group during other times. For those customers who have claimed a spa pool is essential to their visit this is your opportunity to help repair it and gain access at a considerably reduced price for 6 months.

1/10/18. The Thursday and Saturday night experiment has gained no new support so the previous hours will resume this week.

On Sunday Oct 7 Bodyworks will have a later start at 5:30 to allow for a Tawse rope workshop between 3 & 5pm.

18/8/18. "The Sydney Morning Herald" for August 17 reported ("Pleas for safe sex as multi-drug-resistant bacterial infection spreads") on another antibiotic resistance issue of relevance to gay and bisexual men. "Shigella is a highly contagious bacteria spread through infected faecal matter, which means that while anyone can contract it, it tends to be far more easily transmitted through the sexual practices of gay and bisexual men; and use of condoms alone may be ineffective. Nicolas Parkhill, chief executive of LGBTI health organisation ACON, said infection takes place when tiny particles of contaminated faeces enter the mouth." Rimming or allowing contaminated hands/other objects to enter your mouth are the activities to avoid.

7/7/18. "Fears new wonder drug could lead to STI epidemic": "Sydney Morning Herald " online 4/7/18, just two quotes here, "An international 2016 study of men who have sex with men found the chances of contracting chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis were increased 11, 24, and 44-fold respectively in PrEP users" ... "While most STIs are treatable, many place individuals at high risk of complications that can be life-threatening. Diagnosis and treatment of STIs also places a considerable financial burden on the public purse and contributes to an insidious rise in antibiotic resistance" . A full print-out of the report is available for you to read on your next visit to this venue. PrEP is a back-up, not a replacement, for condoms. If we don't take better responsibility for our sexual health the Public Health system will be forced to harden its attitude towards us.

22/6/18. Winter has arrived early, there's no better place to be in this city than in the sauna when it's icy outside - all are welcome to take advantage of the $12 "by appointment" option for sauna use, make a private date of it if you want and head to a room after your heat-up. Available most Mondays through to 11pm, Tuesday & Wednesday through to 7pm, and other days around lunch time or Bodyworks club closing times. Phone or email - the sauna needs about 30 minutes to heat up. This is your community space, please support it.

30/4/18. Spa pool repair: Those of you who want the spa pool repaired, or any other improvements, need to demonstrate better support for the venue. The venue is, above all else, a community space and it can only exist with community support. So bring you friends, take advanatge of opportunities within and/or outside the Bodyworks club routine, buy art work .... the more you spend, the more you use the place, the more we can achieve.

17/3/18. If you are a serious massage enthusiast and want to practise giving as well as receiving relaxation, sensual or other massage styles email or phone or ask at reception. No sexual expectations or pressures, management of sexual impulses can be a part of the process, the goal is total relaxation and improved body awareness through touch. Male only, clothing optional (nudity encouraged), $12 includes towels (to lie on), shower, oil. 1 professional table available (bring your own if you like), 2 floor mats and one trained practitioner to guide. Limit 6 men. REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

1/3/18. This business is now for sale as I want to move on & focus on other projects, email or phone for viewing appointment and negotiation.

24/2/18. Your support is again requested and required as winter approaches and expenses rise. Community spirited people are wanted & needed. We cannot live satisfactorily or defend ourselves as lone wolves, we need to cultivate strong friendships far more than we need to chalk up sexual conquests. Note the social opportunities Space4u offers you beyond the sex club routine and take advantage of them.

20/8/17. If you are a serious massage enthusiast and want to practise giving as well as receiving relaxation, hot stone or safe sensual (not sex) massage email or phone us or ask at reception the next time you visit. Sunday afternoon is the easiest opportunity during the relaxation spa session between midday and 3pm. $15 includes a Bodyworks club OR Relaxation Spa entry within one week.

9/7/17. A sexual health reminder: media reports over the past week have warned us of the spread of drug resistant Gonorrhoea: we must use condoms for both anal and oral sex and we must get tested for all sexually transmitted infections regularly (every 6 months is strongly recommended).

24/6/17. Winter is here, power bills are rising, your support is needed. If you are working nearby, if you are visiting Dunedin and wandering around the inner city on a cold day, Space4u offers you a chance to warm up, relax, and support a gay owned business for just $12 during the OPEN ART STUDIO & GALLERY times (see poster above - Tuesday afternoon is often also available). Come alone or bring a friend, or, better still, a group of friends. An appointment is required, at least 30min notice for the sauna, at least 1.5hrs notice for the spa pool. Bring your own DVD entertainment if you want.
These are strictly non-sexual times, open to the general public, including women, so bring swimwear. However, YOU CAN ARRANGE PRIVATE USE of the facility during these times: $25 for one person for 1hr, or $12 for 2 or more people for 1hr (further discounts negotiable for groups).

28/5/17. A recent phone enquiry provokes me to highlight this point: BODYWORKS IS NOT A CRUISE CLUB, it operates within an entertainment space. The people who enjoy the best experience are the ones who arrive with a broader entertainment plan, leave any negative emotional baggage outside, embrace the venue as their "safe place" and behave in a friendly, easy going, good humoured, sociable manner: Come for an afternoon or evening (or both with a free same day return option)
and make good use of all the facilities you are paying for.

31/5/17. Are you disturbed by religion inspired hatred and violence targeting gay men, other minorities, freedom of speech and thought? Chechnya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, everywhere Islamist and Fundamentalist Christian values gain political power liberal ideals are threatened. The religious ideologies that oppose us have the strength of community spirit behind them: they offer a sense of family or brotherhood and life purpose. They are out, they are proud, they are visible, they gather fearlessly in churches and mosques, they unite to build, sell & create. They help and support members of their group. We have something to learn from that if we wish to preserve our lives and our freedoms. BE OUT, BE VISIBLE, BE HONEST, BE MORE SELFLESS, initiate and support community building opportunities - you can't do much of it online, you actually have to get together and work with people face to face in a real physical environment, just like all those gutsy hard working people involved in the various liberation movements of the 1960's and 1970's to whom we owe so much today.

9/5/15. HIV isn't our only health threat. Dunedin is no stranger to any sexually transmitted infection. Chlamydia, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and others are easily acquired through oral activities and they are increasing in the sexually active population, so whatever you are doing, whoever you are doing it with, wherever you are doing it, minimize the risk by using a condom. Be smart for yourself and everyone you play with: get a free and confidential health check, ideally every 6 months, at the Sexual Health Clinic in Dunedin Hospital, Ground Floor, Frederick St entrance, open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, phone 470 9780 for an appointment.

9/5/17. With the likelihood of more infections becoming resistant to antibiotics we need to take better care of ourselves and that will require modifications to our sexual behaviour. What do you really want from physical intimacy with another human being? Men too often impose porn inspired sexual performance pressures and hazards on each other when many of us just want affection and the simple pleasure of full body contact. If warm human intimacy is what you want consider registering for this SENSUAL NUDE MASSAGE GROUP OPPORTUNITY. A Monday night can be made available for 4 to 8 men, $12 each for up to 3 hrs - great for friends & couples, but if you are single & don't mind teaming up with a stranger that's OK too. The objective is SAFE sensual pleasure (no fucking or oral sex), relaxing and/or arousing but NOT a full-on sexual performance (hand assisted "happy ending" OK if desired). 3 mats and 1 table will be available in the cinema lounge, relaxation environment (ambient music, aroma therapy), with the emphasis on very safe sensuality - enhance your sense of touch & appreciation for the gift of affection, learn from others, demonstrate your best hands on body technique to others, learn or improve self restraint while giving and receiving a thoroughly pleasurable sensual massage. Register your interest at reception or phone or email

14/4/17. Support Amnesty International's petition:

Chechnya: Stop Abducting and Killing Gay Men

21/4/17. ATTENTION CROSS DRESSING ENTHUSIASTS: stiletto & other high heeled shoes will no longer be permitted as footwear during Bodyworks club sessions due to the floor damage they are causing. PLEASE WEAR FLAT SHOES OR NOTHING.

4 /4/17. Diversity Week at Otago University. Good luck to them with that, social opportunities have been offered here with zero success, but we have to keep trying to encourage community aspirations and supportive friendships, to counter the ongoing descent into secretive web based sexual predation and sexual obsession. At this point in time, 30 years after law reform, sexual minorities may be their own worst source of oppression - young gay men I see are just as damaged as the older ones who have failed to explore, accept and sensibly manage their own desires & above all, to embrace honesty and visibility. Fearful of asserting their individuality, too many still seek to conform to a false image that measures up to the expectations of homophobic relatives and poorly chosen friends, resulting in a lifetime of self loathing, deceit, frustration, damaging behaviour and the dehumanisation of people they fleetingly use to satisfy the sexual urges they cannot resist. Instead of being a colour that enriches the whole of our lives sexuality is compartmentalised into a "dirty" hidden mental room, where guilt and fear of discovery may lead to the worst possible outcomes for the individual, his family & friends, or at least mean a life less than half lived. The Radical Faerie movement, though not ideal for my humanist taste, remains the most virtuous attempt to steer gay men away from this all too common path of slow self destruction towards the ideal of a supportive community that encourages long term caring friendships & cooperation together with good physical and emotional health. Check out the Radical Fairies NZ at and see the Australian version at

811/18. As a reward for those people who check this website regularly there will be a $15 entry offer today
(Thursday Nov 8) . Write down the code 0921 and hand in at reception to receive this discount. Use of this special offer will not count towards any other discount options.

14/10/15. A health reminder to all sexually active people: Dunedin is no stranger to any sexually transmitted infection and many are easily acquired through oral activities, so whatever you are doing, whoever you are doing it with, wherever you are doing it, minimize the risk by using a condom. Be smart for yourself and everyone you play with: get a free and confidential health check at the Sexual Health Clinic in Dunedin Hospital, Ground Floor, Frederick St entrance, open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, phone 470 9780 for an appointment.


11/9/18. Opportunities for individual or group private hire and massage are being expanded to Thursday & Saturday nights from 7pm starting Saturday Sept 15 for a trial period of at least 3 weeks. Use these times for solo relaxation ($25), massage ($60), a date with a friend ($12 each), a group of friends or a new hook-up (all $12 per person, a time limit of 1.5hrs for individuals or groups of less than 10). Just drop by or phone or email ahead to make an appointment, sauna takes about 30min to heat up. Bodyworks sessions will close at 7pm on Thursday and Saturday nights. The purpose of this exercise is to diversify the business and increase income - Thursday & Saturday nights have been very poorly supported by Bodyworks customers for too long ("use it or lose it").
19/7/18. Space4u will participate in the annual OUSA Gallery Crawl on Thursday August 9 from 6pm to 10pm so the Bodyworks club routine will stop at 5:30pm on that day.

13/4/17 NZAF is staging a community forum at the Toast Bar, 59 Princes St Dunedin on Friday April 13 from 6pm to discuss the PrEP medication option in eliminating HIV. I am personally disappointed NZAF has chosen to ignore the Bodyworks club as an option for hosting this event. Bodyworks is the only official community space for gay men (and those who want to connect with us) in Dunedin and has served that role for decades. The supply of condoms from NZAF is important and appreciated, but we need more substantial support here to encourage healthier values within the same sex oriented men of this city. Delivering free condoms, poster campaigns and medications to us may be little better than using a garden hose to battle a house fire. The underlying problem that accelerated the spread of HIV and will do the same for other STI's is our state of mind. Those with a mission to improve and safeguard public health need to research, initiate and support activities that help to improve every individual's state of mind. We need to value our own lives and the lives of other people if we are to successfully engage in safer sexual behaviour. We need to feel part of a supportive community if we are to discourage the kind of selfish lone wolf behaviour that serves to spread disease and leads to self destructive behaviour. This cannot be achieved online, it has to happen in community spaces - and offering a comfortable community space to a wide range of minority groups has been the goal of Space4u for 6 years. I need existing customers, others in Dunedin and public health agencies to better support and contribute to the possibilities within this venue.

Meantime please do support the forum at Toast Bar on April 13 and learn what relevance PrEP may have for you.

7/3/18. Fringe Festival starts this week. Two events affect Bodyworks customers: On Sunday March 11 Bodyworks will close at 7pm, Fringe Festival exhibition starts 8pm & closes 10pm. On Friday March 16 Bodyworks will open at 7pm for its normal evening shift. The Fringe Festival exhibition opens at midday and finishes at 6pm on that day. Remember, those of you who appreciate Mark's paintings are welcome & encouraged to attend any of the exhibitions here.

20/8/17. If you are a serious massage enthusiast and want to practise giving as well as receiving relaxation, hot stone or safe sensual (not sex) massage email or phone us or ask at reception the next time you visit. Sunday afternoon is the easiest opportunity during the relaxation spa session between midday and 3pm. $15 includes a Bodyworks club OR Relaxation Spa entry within one week.

1/8/17. The annual City Gallery Crawl organised by OUSA for Art Week is happening on Thursday August 17 - Space4u will participate from 6pm to 10pm with the theme “Inspiration, Idealism & Compromise”. This means the Bodyworks session starting at 2pm will finish at 5:30pm on Thursday Aug 17.

30/1/17. Another attempt to provide space for a Dunedin gay "community" social event has been ignored. If anyone wants to support this kind of opportunity in the future I remain eager to accommodate it but you'll need to approach me as a group of at least 5 and be wiling to commit with the entry fee in advance. I think it worth observing that people who would love to re-criminalise homosexuality have no trouble attracting money and passionate crowds to their hateful rants in fundamentalist churches and mosques while those of us who offer social opportunities to this population group far above and beyond the usual historic gay standard of booze fuelled fleeting, anonymous, guilty encounters in the shadows can't inspire a single attendance or even a Facebook share of the event notice. Selfishness, apathy and fear of visibility can be our downfall if we can't evolve past these weaknesses and learn the value of cooperation, long term caring friendships & strong alliances. Good luck to the Auckland Pride Festival (event promotional guides received here today) - I see no cause for such Pride in Dunedin.

19/1/17. Following a strong expression of interest from a new customer a Dunedin Gay Community Relaxation Spa evening will be supported on Monday Jan 30 from 7pm to 10pm. Note the terms on the poster on this page and in the venue and make the effort to attend if you can. Some free snack foods available, you are welcome to bring other food to share if you like.

29/11/16. Only 1 person supported the Dunedin Gay Community social event last night in this city of over 120,000. What does this say about the state of our "community", the way we view each other (as disposable sex tools to be quickly forgotten or as potential friends, long term lovers and allies?) and what do we want, if anything, from a social event of this nature?

12/12/16. A few of the regular customers will be sharing a pre-Christmas lunch on Thursday Dec 15 between 2 & 3pm during the regular nude session. Others are welcome to sample the free food they are bringing.

27/10/16. A Dunedin Gay Community spa evening will be held on Monday Nov 28 from 7pm to 10pm, both men and women who identify with this community are welcome to attend. $12 entry, swimwear required if you want to use the spa & sauna. Some free snack foods provided. A movie or documentary of interest to this community will be screened - suggestions or contributions are welcome at least 1 week before the evening.

27/10/16. The massage group sessions have not been supported so no further opportunities will be offered.

12/10/16. The Space4u relaxation spa and gym now operates for the general public (both men & women) on Wednesday (5 - 6:30pm), Thursday (Midday - 1:30pm) and Saturday (Midday - 1:30pm) immediately prior to Bodyworks club sessions. If you really just want a spa/sauna or perhaps a gym workout in an unpressured environment you are strongly encouraged to make use of these times - entry from $10 (+ $2 towel charge if needed), strictly non-sexual, swimwear required. A yoga space will be added soon. More gym equipment may be added later this year if there is customer support. Get fit, stay fit, healthy body, healthy mind.

4/9/16. A drop in MASSAGE GROUP SESSION will be initiated this month for anyone who likes to give and receive real massage. Two fortnightly options will be available: Friday from Midday to 3pm starting September 16, and Saturday from 10am to Midday starting September 24. The cinema lounge will be laid out with 2 floor mats and a massage table, or you can use one of two private rooms if you prefer. Negotiate your preferred style, relaxation, sensual or other - but please respect the intention of these sessions is to encourage appreciation for real massage and provide those people with professional skills or ambitions with opportunities to gain experience both as practitioners and clients. You can be sure at least one person will be available to work with you, or bring your own partner. Standard $25 club entry fee applies which allows you to also attend that day's Bodyworks club session if you want. No student discount or frequent visitor rewards may be claimed on these sessions, but your attendance will count towards a frequent visitor reward if you have registered for that opportunity.

22/8/16. Bodyworks will be be taking a short break in September, starting 6pm on Saturday Sept 10 and resuming normal hours on Wednesday Sept 14.

21/8/16. "Out & Proud" reward - a reward for honesty and openness acknowledging visibility is one of the most important means for a minority group to protect its hard won but vulnerable freedom. If you are "out" as a gay man on your PUBLICLY VISIBLE Facebook profile (showing your real name & face photo) you will be entitled to one $10 Bodyworks club entry per calendar month (use of this special offer will not count towards any other discount option). Tell the manager when you arrive - your discount will apply once your Facebook profile is verified.

17/7/16. The annual City Gallery Crawl will include Space4u on Thursday August 18 after 5:30pm so the Bodyworks club will close at 5:00 & re-open at 8:30pm.

15/6/16. Winter is the most expensive time to operate this facility. If you value this business in Dunedin, this is a good time to come in and demonstrate your support and enjoy some warmth on a cold day. THIS IS NOT JUST A SEX CLUB, it is a COMMUNITY SPACE and small business owned and operated by a long time openly gay man. Help me, help yourself, give substance to the term "gay community" by connecting with people, forging friendships and learning the skills of cooperation that we will need to protect our legal and human rights in the years to come. The current tendency to retreat from real world social contact to online cruising will make it a lot easier for those who object to our existence to crush the reforms of the last 40 years. Strength comes through cooperation, visibility, friendship and effort. DON'T ALLOW POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS FORCES OR YOUR OWN TIMIDITY, SELFISHNESS OR INDIFFERENCE TO FORCE HOMOSEXUALITY BACK INTO THE CLOSET.

When you visit the club check the noticeboards, read the posters there and on this website, take advantages of the opportunities being presented by REGISTERING YOUR INTEREST and/or booking a time:

- Frequent visitor rewards
- Relaxation Massage service
- Monthly gay community social afternoon/evening
- Lunchtime relaxation spa - when you really just want a sauna/spa without the sexual pressures
- Private dates & group hire options.

And don't forget you can buy food, lubricants, and other products when you visit the club, including art prints & original paintings. You can also commission artwork.

9/5/16. If you've met someone online and want a safe neutral space to get together, Space4u can help you: if you don't want the company of Bodyworks customers you can use the venue during the hour before or after a club session: $25 will get 2 or you a private room for an hour plus access to showers, but you must organise this by phone during Bodyworks club hours. If you want full facilities for a private date (spa, sauna, shower, porn lounge and private room) $50 will get two of you an hour, again immediately before or after Bodyworks club hours - phone to arrange it during club hours.

For those of you who want to support & be a part of a real gay community in Dunedin register your interest at reception. A
$12 spa session can be arranged for Saturday or Sunday afternoon between Midday & 1:30pm, or on a Monday evening, if there is sufficient interest. If you want to meet new people & learn to better know the ones you've already met in an environment free of sex club pressures this is your chance: USE IT OR LOSE IT.

13/11/15. The new casual $25 entry fee is now in place (students still $16). Two discount options (not available for students) are available to reward frequent customers and you are invited to sign up for ONE of these options. Firstly, if you regularly visit more than once a week (defined as starting Monday and ending Sunday) you can pay in advance for 2 or more visits (please do so only if you are absolutely certain - no refunds) to receive $20 entries or register your intention at reception for the entry records, pay $25 for your first visit, $15 for your second and $20 for any additional visits during that week. Option 2 is for people who come about once a week: if you visit 4 times within 6 weeks your 4th visit will be just $5 (the first 3 visits will be $25 each) - be aware that if you don't register your intention for one of these options it will be assumed you are happy to pay $25 every time you visit, and the business manager humbly thanks you for your generosity.

Also, as a reward for those people who check this website regularly there will be the occasional $15 entry offer. Use of this special offer will not count towards any other discount options.

8/9/15. ENTRY PRICE INCREASE. To help cover planned upgrade expenses (steam room and carpet replacement) the full fee casual entry will increase to $25. Anyone planning to visit more than once during a week should take advantage of the "multi-buy" discount system that will also be introduced on Nov 3: pay for 2 or more days and you'll get $20 entries. So $40 will get you two same week entries during the stated hours of operation. However, be aware there can be no refund for an unused pre-paid entry if you simply forget about it or change your mind. Alternatively, register your interest for the entry records, pay $25 for your first visit, $15 for your second and $20 for any additional visits.

Student entry will remain $16 with ID. The frequent user reward scheme for Dunedin residents will remain.

Coffee drinkers please note the existing limited free service will be replaced with a $2 charge as I introduce a superior range of options from Sept 15.

13/5/15. A new official massage room adjoining the club will soon (hopefully early June) be available for use by customers during Bodyworks club hours ($10 table & linen hire charge). It will also be available to genuine massage practitioners & their clients by appointment at other times with a room charge of $25 per hour including professional massage table, some linen & access to showers (for access to other facilities a club entry charge will apply). When not required for massage the room will be available to Bodyworks customers.

13/5/15. OUT AND PROUD or getting there? Do you want more than the chance for a fleeting, guilty, anonymous root up the rear? Here is your chance to discover friendship, perhaps more, and become part of a supportive gay community. Starting Monday July 6 the DUNEDIN GAY COMMUNITY night will INCLUDE access to spa and sauna facilities and there will be a $12 entry charge. MEMBERSHIP to the Dunedin Gay Social Club will be required - sign up at the front desk and you will need to confirm your intention to attend by phone or email at least 2hrs before opening. This will be a strictly social night for GAY MEN - all single guys and couples who consider themselves to be part of the gay male population are encouraged to attend. If enough people support this initiative it may become a weekly event for Sunday evenings. No porn or access to sex on site rooms, just music and movies by request - and the chance to make new or reinforce existing friendships. Hours of operation will be 7pm - 10pm on the FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH (INCLUDING public holidays). Members WHO ATTEND THE MONTHLY SOCIAL EVENING will also be entitled to one discount entry ($16 full fee, or $12 student) to the Bodyworks club during the following month.

If any LESBIANS who read this want their own social night in this venue please contact Mark - a similar night can be arranged for you.
12/3/15. Due to a lack of support the next and last FREE Dunedin Gay Community night will be Monday May 4 at 7pm. Free entry 6:40-7:00pm, no late admissions. If you are new to the Dunedin scene this is a good chance to check the venue out for free, watch a movie of relevance to the gay community, enjoy music and meet locals in a social environment, no porn or sexual activity.

9/1/15.NEW HOURS for FRIDAY & SUNDAY starting JANUARY 16. These two days will start at 3pm to allow for a new massage & spa service operating between midday & 2pm (see ad on this page).

The entry fee will rise to $22 from 1 January 2015. This will be necessary to fund essential renovations such as a steam room upgrade and floor covering replacement. It will be appreciated if you bring the exact fee. The student entry price will remain at $16. Other charges, conditions and rewards will not change.

You are also reminded that any extra purchases (eg food and Wet Stuff) you make during your visit will assist the renovation project.

30/7/14. Bodyworks will be closed between 5 & 8pm on Thursday July 31 allowing Space4u to participate in the annual City Gallery Crawl. Everyone is welcome to attend that event.

9/7/14. A frequent customer rewards program is now in effect for regular customers. If you visit 3 times in any week you will be entitled to a forth visit in the same week for free. You will need to register your interest with the manager.

27/3/14. REGIONAL DAYS. Every week Friday will be dedicated to an Otago region. First Friday of the month: South Otago, second Friday of the month: Central Otago, third Friday of the month: Queenstown & Wanaka Lakes district, last Friday of the month: North Otago. If you are visiting us from one of these regions this might be a good opportunity to connect with like minded guys closer to your home. Identifying arm bands can be supplied to anyone who is interested.

25/3/14. All TV's now connected to an HDMI network for sharper images and blu-ray movies.

17/12/13. A big (178cm) TV is now the focus of a "cinematic lounge", a pool table and new TV have been added to the sun lounge, new vinyl has been laid in one of the rooms, wet area steps have been improved, a few more changes will occur over the next two weeks.

13/11/13. A big (178cm) TV will be coming soon (early Dec) to the main porn lounge resulting in some layout changes. Wet area improvements are also being organised, hopefully before New Year.

26/10/13. "Uniforms on Fridays" will start on Nov 1. Not compulsory, but if you are into it, have fun with it.

22/9/13. The "Porn cruise" session on Wednesday afternoon has not been supported so will be canceled.

3/9/13. Membership proposal: For those who want to come here more than once a week, and subject to at least 100 people signing up (supplying email or phone contact details). A weekly payment of $25 and commitment renewable monthly would entitle you to at least 5 visits every week within Bodyworks club hours. The casual $20 entry option would remain for those not interested in membership.

12/9/13. Space4u will host an art exhibition open to the general public between 5:30 & 7:00pm on THURSDAY SEPT 19. This is part of the annual "White Night" "gallery crawl" through Dunedin galleries and studios. Bodyworks club will therefore close at 5pm and re-open at 7:15pm on this day.

30/8/13. A "porn cruise" session will be tested on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4pm starting Sept 4. Entry will be $12, with towels and shower access offered as an optional extra for $5. Spa, steam and sauna facilities will not be available but porn and rooms will be. The usual free same day re-entry will not be available to participants in this session and will be charged at $5.

20/8/13. Unfortunately the social and massage exchange opportunities have not been supported so it's just going to be business as usual Tuesday to Sunday.

The "Space4u" signage was installed last week and people are here reminded that the venue is available for hire for up to 10 people outside the Bodyworks club times for $60/hr.

2/7/13. A name change will take effect from August 1. The venue will become "Space 4 U" and "Bodyworks" will become the "Bodyworks Gay/Bi Manspace" operating within "Space 4 U". Its current hours of operation will remain unchanged until further notice. The objective is business diversification to improve income (and Mark's sense of social purpose). The venue will be available for hire to small groups between midday & 1:30pm at a rate of $60 per hour. Relaxation & hot stone massage will also be promoted for these times through "health and beauty" advertising.

A gay men's friendship group will be initiated on the first Monday of the month starting August 5 from 8-10pm. Sex club facilities (the "dark zone") will not be available during this time. The emphasis will be on relaxation and conversation to encourage friendship and hopefully improve the sense of community within Dunedin's gay male population. Entry charge will be $12 covering use of spa, gym & sauna facilities. Individuals are encouraged to contribute their favourite music or movies on DVD.

More gym equipment has been acquired recently. People are encouraged to make good use of it. Improving your fitness is a great way to boost self esteem and physical health.

12/6/13. A Relaxation Massage group will commence on Sunday June 30 and operate between 1 & 2pm, so if you are interested in giving AND receiving REAL massage please arrive between 12:45 & 12:50.

14/4/13. CHANGES TO HOURS OF OPERATION from April 19.
Friday & Saturday: 2pm-Midnight
Sunday: 2pm-10pm.

As always, closing times may be later if customer numbers justify it.

8/1/13."SPACE-4-U" will offer 2 group evening opportunities once a month on Mondays (except Public Holidays) starting 14 Jan 2013 subject to bookings: "Golden Years of Hollywood Club" (Jan 14) and the "Star Trek Club" (Jan 28). These are not casual "drop in" events and will only operate if sufficient numbers book in advance. The "Golden Years of Hollywood Club" will screen classic movies mainly from the 1940's and 1950's, The "Star Trek Club" will screen Star Trek TV episodes and movies. Customer contributions welcome (discount entry available). Hours will be 7:30 to 10:30pm, with spa & sauna facilities available. Special Gay Community Entry price $16. Some free snack foods will be available. No sex club facilities. Gay men AND lesbians welcome, so bring a bathing suit.

18/12/12. "SPACE-4-U" : This is an opportunity for people who want to be a part of a gay community in Dunedin to develop new friendships and other relationships. Monday evenings will be available to any gay, lesbian or gay friendly group of 6 or more willing to book the evening - at least 1 week's notice required. Enjoy the spa and sauna, watch movies and music videos, talk to people, share interests.

A MASSAGE GROUP opportunity is being offered:-

- Do you like to give AND receive massage?

- Can you commit to a day and time a week ahead?
- Options: Tuesday or Wednesday from 5pm; Midday on Saturday or Sunday. Up to 2 hours.
- Minimum number of people: 4
- Two tables available, or bring your own, or use floor mats.
- Use a private room or share a space with the rest of the group.
- Bring a partner or team up with someone new.
- Cost: $20 includes option to stay on for the regular Bodyworks afternoon/evening session.
- Register your interest at Bodyworks reception.

RELAXATION MASSAGE. Mark will be offering relaxation and hot stone massage around midday from Thursday to Sunday, as well as Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons. So if you are keen on REAL massage please make a booking (24hrs notice appreciated). $60 for 75min includes access to spa/sauna either before/after the massage or at another time during the week (Tuesday-Sunday) of your massage. Please note this is not being offered as a sexual service (no oral action, no masturbation, no anal probing).

ART. Some of Mark's art is being offered for sale. Price includes a commission to help with the club upgrade.

FACEBOOK. Bodyworks has a space on Facebook - check it out at

FOOD. A good range of snack foods, hot & cold, as well as soft drinks, are available for purchase at the bar/office. We have potato chips, Moro & Mint Bubbly bars, Mentos mints & Whittaker's dark chocolates.

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